Advanced Aviation Forward Area Refueling System(AAFARS) -Normal .. For more detailed information refer to TM &P. 2. 3. TM AAFARS MA1 – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. DIRECT SUPPORT. REFUELING SYSTEM. MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES (AAFARS). NSN ALPHABETICAL INDEX.

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Glass Panels, Partitions, Frames Etc. D-1 Nozzle Assembly Figure 8. Manual Engine Start Verify that pump outlet hose pressurizes hose aafarw. Fuel Contamination Test Kit Figure 8.

Refer to figures 10 and Fuel recirculation also helps prevent pump overheating due to staticpressure build. Register As a Buyer. Clamp, Grounding Figure 2. Airport Ground Support Equipment. Accessory Module Decals Figure 6.

Army Aviation Maintenance and Miscellaneous Manuals

Refer to figure Components of End Item List Table 2. All fuel delivery components hoses, pump, filter, wyes, tees, elbows, etc. The adapters also allow connection of AAFARS components to any other fuel system components that use standard two-inch, three-inch, or four-inch camlock couplings.


This seller also has a Gallon Jet Fuel Tank available as well and can be used with this aaars. Equipment Data Continued Table 1. Pushrod Measurement Figure This sale is for the pump engine module as seen in the pictures.

Fuel Delivery Equipment Figure 6. Fuel System Components Removal Figure Fuel Contamination Test Kit Position fuel drums figure 1, 2 on spill containment unit 1. Auxiliary Pump Decals Figure 7.

TM 4-48.18/To 13c7-1-19 Airdrop of Supplies and Equipment : Rigging Forward Area

Pump-Engine Emplacement Figure 5. Particulate Fuel Aqfars Test Perform particulate contamination fuel test. Cylinder Head Installation Figure When connected with valves openthe unisex couplings are locked together, preventing accidental separation. Mandatory Replacement Parts List Table 1. A twenty-four vdc auxiliary pump is provided to defuel the system after a mission or operation.

Refer to figure 4. Privacy Statement Press Release Contact.

Advanced Aviation Forward Area Refueling System AAFARS Model M100A1

My location click to change: With the fuel transfer pump Defuel system fuel hoses. Crankshaft Assembly Installation Figure 2.

Ask a Question About This Listing: Nozzles are equipped with non-valved unisex couplings to prevent trapping fuel ina disconnected nozzle.


Cylinder Head Removal Figure They can be connected or disconnected only when the valves are closed. Tube, Inlet, Filter-Separator Figure 3. Thermal expansion of trapped fuel may damage a nozzle. Refer to figure 9. The system will tj satisfactorily from F The auxiliary pump is also useful for pumping down a component before or after removal from the system due to operational reconfiguration or maintenance action.

Front Crankshaft Bearing Installation Figure 3. Refer to Figure Please see the pictures with this listing: The core components of the AAFARS are the pump-engine module; the liquid fuel filter-separator; the accessory aaafrs and the hoses, nozzles and fittings that deliver fuel from the fuel drums to the fueling points.

This allows components to be separated without spilling fuel.