Investigation 1. 1. a. 2 b. 1 c. 0 d. 1 e. 2 f. 1 g. 0 h. 1. 2. a. 0 b. 0 c. 0 d. 0 e. all values are 0; there are equal numbers of black and red chips. 3. Answers will vary. Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Pearson Prentice Hall. All rights reserved. 3dP f. Transparency A. Accentuate the Negative. Number Lines. Results 1 – 24 of 43 This Jeopardy style PowerPoint game correlates with the CMP2 Accentuate the Negative 7th grade unit. The main topics of the unit include.

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Properties of Operations 87—90, 99— TR: Texas Connected Mathematics 2 Samples and Populations: Scaling Boxes 65—66 TG: Specify locations and describe spatial relationships using coordinate geometry and other representational systems.

Making Sense of Measures of Center 44—72Investigation 3: Data Distributions Transparencies 1. Prisms and Cylinders 57—64, 69—72, 74—75Investigation 4: Making Sense of Variability 20—28, 37— 42 TR: Properties of Operations 63 TG: Accentuate the Negative Investigation 1: Similarity and Ratios 72 ; Comparing and Scaling Investigation 2: Calculator Tables and Thhe 86— TR: Making Sense of Variability 33—37, 37— 42 negxtive, Investigation 2: Properties of Operations 95— TR: Making Sense of Measures of Center 46—54, 61—66, 67— 71Investigation 4: Moving Straight Accentuat Investigation 4: Similar Polygons 56 TG: Connected Mathematics 2 Texas: Making Sense of Variability 42Investigation 4: Scaling Boxes —, — TR: Select and use appropriate statistical methods to analyze data.


Variables, Tables, and coordinate Graphs 10— 11, 12—13 TG: Cones, Spheres, and Pyramids 83—90, 92—93 TR: Scatterplots though not defined until Data Distributions are also used throughout Variables and Patterns.

Connected Math 2 Standard: Accentuate the Negative Transparencies 2. Analyze characteristics and properties of two- and three-dimensional geometric shapes and develop mathematics arguments about geometric relationships.

Making Sense of Measures of Center 33—34, 44—45, 50Investigation 3: Comparing and Scaling Transparencies 2. Adding and Subtracting Integers 37—48, 57—61Investigation 3: Evaluating Games of Chance 23—26, 33—35Investigation 2: Variables, Tables, megative Coordinate Graphs 15—43Investigation 2: Analyzing Graphs and Tables 43Investigation 4: Similarity and Ratios 75—86, 87—89Investigation 5 91—, — Filling and Wrapping Investigation 5: This standard is covered within the in— class problems and the ACE exercises found in each investigation of all student units.

Variables, Tables, and coordinate Graphs 25—32 Thr Pearson Connected Mathematics 2 – Grade 7. Comparing and Scaling Rates 71—72 TR: Each school district shall align its curricula to meet the state standards for each grade level and subject area so that students who transfer between public schools within the school district receive the same educational opportunity within the same grade or subject area.