Aa No Bhadra Sooktam, Dev · Eng · Guj · Kan · Mal · Tam · Tel. Aghamarshana Sooktam, Dev · Eng · Guj · Kan · Mal · Tam · Tel. Agni Sooktam, Dev · Eng · Guj. The sooktham to recite before bath is called aghamarshana sooktam suktham from Internet Archive: Free Download: Aghamarshana suktam. 1 day ago Download Aghamarshana Suktam MP3 Song – Play Latest Bollywood Songs Online, Aghamarshana Suktam MP3 Song, Aghamarshana.

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Whatever inauspicious, alarming, infectious, may all that get away from me.

Sooktam to read before bathing

Durva is a variety of grass which has the quality to cleanse when rubbed to the body with that. Actually kilbisha aghamarshanz the Veda commentator Mahidhara says it is a kirtibhedakam papam. Are you sure want to delete the Playlist Delete Cancel. In this strain, the bath is regarded as the measure for bahya suddhi and later antah suddhi.

Yadapam kruram yada amedhyam yadasantam tadapa gacchatat Salutations to Agni, the child of Waters apam garbhahIndra, Varuna,Varunis. Oh mud, please destroy my sins and that what ever xuktam I have committed.


In view of this I can attain liberation having thus my all sins washed off. Edit Email Id Contact Us. A dedicated decent lifestyle, self-discipline, righteous path were given utmost importance in Vedic period. Are you sure you want to remove this from your watching list? Post was not sent – check your email addresses! When sins are cleared, the purusha becomes suddha.

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But it is a Divinity again in the context of religious bath or such religious observance. You have been successfully Logged In! Please enter Valid details Ok got it! TV Episodes View all. Thd body gets lustre and brilliance. Reciting this Vedic hymn while taking bath brings immense Punyam, removes sin committed by knowingly or unknowingly accepting gifts from those who have sinned.

Viraja ahgamarshana free from mistakes and misshapes.

Hi Guest Login Register. We have received your winning story. Clarification on reciting Sooktam I have seen pundits reciting Purusha Suktam while conducting the last rites.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Through the power of this mantra. In fact we have many mantras where these two are addressed and the benefits got enumerated in the Ssuktam veda. You need to be a registered user to enjoy the benefits of Rewards Program. Status Not open for further replies. In the entire mantras of the Vedas which number to more than now available there is effort to make the being grow lucky long lived happy and prosperous and ultimately attain the paramartha.

I keep you on my head. Are you sure you suktxm to unsubscribe? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Then only the bath is hygienic sukta, complete according to our implication. Forums New posts Search forums. These deities are requested to cleanse and remove all contaminations visibly and invisibly contained in the water kept for use of bath or other purposes of cleansing.

This site uses cookies. Submit or click Cancel to register with another email ID. You are commenting using your Facebook account. This sukta is a gateway unto the end meaning purity and liberation.


When thus all my sins are destroyed by you I will get aghamarshanz into the highest world and the state of liberation and mukti. Gifts showered by sinned people were not accepted.

Nada Veda Adhyayana Kendra. Hereby it is to be noted that in our Vedic life every event we do for ourselves is divine and the divinities stay along with us and help the being to cover the full healthy and active and purooseful life.

Kandatkandat prarohanti parushah parusah pari evano dureve pratnu sahasrena satena ca ya satenapratanoshi sahasrena virohasi tayahatena papena gacchami paramam gatim. Please remove all my sins dirt and such of those infectious substances on my person. Its recitation has a magical effect. In such strain the Aghamarshan sukta and the mantras in it are the path finders to that end. It will be featured on Winners page shortly.

So the bath snana is a composite unit of watermruttika and the Durva grass. Listen to Taang Uthake – Housefull 3 1 day ago. It has ability magically to sanctify other things too. We might recite the whole sukta or mantras to our convenience while at bath right in the morning.

The same is elaborated in detail. This paper discusses the Aghamarshana sukta. There are some typical verbs and utterences requesting Varuna and his associates like Indra, Agni to remove sin and make the body physically pure.