This guide finalised on 04 July Contents About AIRCOM OPTIMA 9 About the AIRCOM OPTIMA User Layer 10 About the AIRCOM OPTIMA Ribbon Aircom Optima presentation Agenda Performance management challenges OPTIMA introduction and customer success stories Solution roadmap. Aircom Optima user reference: – 4shared .com – document sharing – download Best Regards.

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You can define them to be generated as data is loaded, or you can define them to be generated based on complex patterns and trends over time.

For more information, see Creating a Hierarchy on page F Favourite You can designate information panes that you access most often as favourites, which means you can get fast and easy access to them using a customised toolbar of shortcut buttons.

The selected work area INI file is loaded, and the work area is opened. You can also set a switching optkma, which specifies how long each page is shown.

Introduction to Aircom Optima

You can also export and import KPIs to move them between databases. Users without Administration or Write permissions for the Sandbox can only create views. For more information, see below. Please help us to share our service with your friends. To create groups and add a favourite to it: They can be considered as equivalent to predefined SQL statements.

To create a static filter: Aifcom Create a global or personal hierarchy of network elements. Log In Sign Up. For more information, see To create a new work area: The New Module dialog box appears. The user object is displayed in the Schema List pane of the Data Explorer. Grid Display the data. Administration and Access to data analysis objects defined in the tool.


In this column Do this Description Click in the row and, in the dialog box that appears, type a description and click OK. Hardware and software comprised within local and airckm distance telephone networks, local area networks, wide area networks, cellular and wireless networks for network planning, optimization, configuration and performance management; computer software for network planning, optimization, configuration and performance management; computer software for analysis of telecommunications and data communications networks.

Our I-VIEW framework allows mobile network operators to rapidly, efficiently and seamlessly plan, manage, configure and optimise their networks. For more information, see Creating a Work Area on page Help Center Find new research papers in: Graph Type Click in the row and select the type of graph you require from the drop-down list. Airco can save a report as a favourite and then have quick, easy access to that report from the Favourites toolbar. Alarms Alarms Opens the Alarms tab, on which you aicom create and manage alarms.

Aircom International

To open the Filters tab, on the Analysis tab, click the Filters button. Furthermore, OPTIMA can integrate with other data sources to create bespoke real-time performance dashboards and reports for different departments, such as management, marketing, and customer services.


I am familiar with the data analysis tools available in Excel, how can I make use of these tools for my PM data? Planning data with configuration data and performance statistics. Alternately free form SQL can be entered directly. Calc Perform calculations and dynamically control visual aspects of the report layout.

In these combinations you can set the date ranges, element filters and aggregation level time and elementalong with drilling down, up and across between linked modules. First Use In Commerce Date.

Filter A defined sub-set of data. You can now choose the content of your report and design its layout.

Super Administrator is an example of a profile, and could contain the Alarms Administrator, Sandbox Administrator and Filters Administrator roles. Whenever the filter is applied the query is re-run to obtain the filter values. The following table describes how to do this: This guide finalised on 04 July The work area is saved as an INI file.

Introduction to Aircom Optima – Free Download PDF

opti,a Its flexible ETL and client applications allow any type of interface to be easily integrated and deployed. We need your help! To create a module: Filters and Parameters Additional parameter vales for the report schedule.