Dasuttara Sutta (In Sinhala) was the Sutta taken by Most Ven. U. Dhammajiva Maha Thero for the 97th residential meditation retreat at Mitirigala. Brahmajala Sutta was the first discourse that was recited to the people of the Mon State The Brahmajala sutta, the Supreme Net is one that Buddhist will use to. I. Talk on Wanderers (Paribbājakakathā). 1. Thus have I heard. On one occasion the Exalted One was travelling along the highway between Rājagaha and.

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1. Brahmajala Sutta – Sinhala

Hita Thanima – Causal Attention Breaks Mental Hindrances! Thus, according to the law of Twelve Related Chain of Cause and Effects Pratitya-samutpadathe brahnajala who believe in one of many of these sixty-two beliefs, will end up in round cycle of sufferings; as they have not found the truth on the cease of sufferings.

I was just discussing with Janaka of pitaka. In other cases the texts are not available due to copyright. When Absorbed then Pain is Absent!

Retention of divisions and inclusion of page numbers of branmajala Roman text of the Pali Canon.

Few of these texts have been digitized, and none are easily accessible. Dasa Punya Kriya [Sinhala]. One Can Escape the Suffering of Samsara! Everything Converges on Feeling!

The two continued debating until they arrived at the King’s resting place in Ambalatthika. They based their faith because:. For the above instances, it would be wise to denote the citation in full and with identity of the publishers. Girimananda Sutta Desana 20 Talks.


Brahmajala Sutta (Theravada)

Brahmajaal Response to Ven. The Buddha then makes an analogy of a fisherman using a fine-meshed net to catch the fish in the pond. You are commenting using your Facebook account. As brahmajalw recalled it, he came to the conclusion that creatures, including himself, are not eternal, had limited age, were vulnerable to change, but that Brahma is eternal, ageless, and changeless. They included the numbering format of the Roman text edition for reference to the subjects or topics.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The digital library of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura gives the opportunity for keen readers of the Tripitaka to easily find the volumes online. At the same time, a Brahmin called Suppiya, with his young apprentice, Brahmadatta, were also travelling in the same direction, tailing the convoy of the sangha.

In the first part, the Buddha elaborates precepts that made people praise him or the Sangha as worthy of reverence. What is Starving of the Mental Hindrances? Then came a time when the Earth was in the process of forming yet still uninhabitable. What the Buddha say about Eating Meat Vinaya: How to Reach Formlessness by Breathing? There are four ways these beliefs come to be faith, bbrahmajala one believer never acknowledged the other beliefs:. What is the name of singala exposition of the dhamma?

There are ascetics who based their beliefs on the future. The third semi-eternalistic belief came from the Manopadosika gods. This page was last edited on 16 Decemberat V – The other Nikayas are treated in similar manner respectively. I Know, but I Don’t Know: The world doesn’t create new souls and therefore, the souls are living in an eternal cycle of death and rebirth, differing only in name, location, and time.


You are commenting using your WordPress. In the same cycle, they were reborn as ascetic Manopadosika gods, achieved the ability to remember their past life, and came to the conclusion, “Had we not been envious, we would have stayed strong and intelligent.

Vidasun Upades – 8. The Non-causality beliefs stated that the Universe and the Souls happened coincidentally. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The Khuddaka Nikaya is the fifth Nikaya consists of 15 to 18 books depending on traditions.

Damma 2 | බෞද්ධ තොරතුරු සංචිතය

Vinaya Pitaka Out of the three pitakas, this is the area that deals with rules and regulations suttw are meant for Buddhist bhikkus and bhikkunis monks and nuns. The proponents of one of these beliefs, adhered that:. I am the source of all life, Father to everything which exists and will come to exist. Listen to Pirith http: Video Ven Bhikkhu Samahita. New Arrivals to Sadaham Library.