ALCAD – 4. 1 or 2 point installations. For single-family installation – 1 point – or two-family installation – 2 points – you may draw up your budget with our kits. At ALCAD, we capture, process and bring life signals to the digital world to improve the health, safety and entertainment of people, by designing, manufacturing. CATALOGO ALCAD 08 ENG IGA :INGLES 10/12/08 Página 1. PDF compression, OCR, web optimization using a watermarked evaluation copy of.

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The principal advantage of this equip- ment is the rapid equalisation and adjustment of all the channels in the installation in any reception 9 conditions, including the most adverse. If the levels are nothigh or the installation has several TV outlets then the use of anamplifier and power supply unit will be necessary.

Tv catalogue alcad

Applications MATV installations where it is necessary to generate an analogue TV channel with mono sound from the audio and video signal from equipment with mono alczd stereo sound. Excessive levels of the VHF channels can be avoided in this way.

Alcad LSe brochure – Alcad. Theyamplify and mix the signals from several antennas. Get to know our catalogue in depth. It allows the distribution of the terrestrial TV and sate-llite signals in a unified actalogo from a single piece of equipment.

Suitable for installations where the channels of each band are zlcad ved at similar levels. The different sections and the base are assembled by means of three rods which fit inside the next round tube and are fixed by means of an M8 screw.

The amplifier is installed as a replacement of cataoogo matching transformer of the antenna in orderAA to amplify the signal before it is degraded by the attenuations of the installation.

Separate housings for the power supply unit and the high frequency circuit. Adjustment by means of regulators which control the gain at eachinput. The number of modules it can power varies, depending on the consumption of the modules.


Alcad Catalogue – TOPMODE

For increasing the size of an installation or installing SAT amplifiers for the four polarities ctalogo a satellite. Easy assembly and easily adaptable to any particular situation due to its input diplexing and output 4 multiplexing system. The type of filter and the initial and finalchannels should be specified in the order. The output of each converter is directly connected to the monochannel amplifier by means of a strip of coaxial cable.

Avoids feedback in head-end equipment. The input and output channel should be specified in the order after having checked in the possible conversion tables supplied by Caalogo or in www. Separate CA housings for the power supply unit and the high frequency circuit. The distribution is on the 5 to 2, MHz band. Enables distribution to up to TV outlets in a single line, with power supplied only at the head-end of the cascade.

Tv catalogue alcad

In buildings with fewer floors, the indicated tap-offs are used on the lower floors, and the necessary head-end level will be that which apcad indicated on the input of the catxlogo. They have a DC path through any of their outputs to the input. Thechannel should be specified in the order. Large size reflector, elevation angle adjustment, mounting in either horizontal or vertical polarity. Made from an alu- minium profile and galvanised plate. Characteristics 3 4 Shielded zamak chassis and F type connectors.

Star-shaped distribution from the multiswitch, with a single coaxial cable to each TV outlet. The amplifier is installed as a replacement of the matching transformer of the antenna in order to amplify the signal before it is degraded by the attenuations of the wlcad. The different sections of the mast are assembled by inserting the upper part of the mast into the lower part of the other section, securing them with an M6 screw which passes through the tubes.

This type of installation is not recommended due to the difficulties it causes for the maintenance of the installation, it is not always possible to catalogoo one of the houses to check the installation.


Fast and easy mounting, the components are pre-mounted and no tools are required for their assembly. Sup-plied in individual or multiple packs.

Suitable for installations where the channels of each band are received at simi-lar levels. Available with 6 and 8 outputs. It amplifies the TV signal so a distribution with several new outlets can be made from the signal of one TV outlet or from the coaxial cable entering the house. The gain of the isotropic antennas omnidirectionals is indicated in dBi with regards to the gain of an isotropic antenna, this measurement is 2 dB greater than the former.

Packing weight 0,03 KgPacking dimensions80 x 50 x 15 mm Ventilator Ventilator for CP cabinet this VEmay be required in warm environmentsto keep the equipment within its opera- Units per packing 10ting temperature margins. The inputs of the 8 polarities and the terrestrial TV are amplified.

In this way the intermodulation is reduced in the broad- band amplifier and an improved output level is obtained. Applications Used in the TV installations within a house in which it is not possible to install a coaxial cable and permits the changing of the channel from any point in the house, using the remote control of the corresponding device.

EssentialMD features of this equipment are the high carrier to noise ratio toge- ther with a very reduced spurious level in the band. VE 10 Ventilator for CP cabinet — this may be required in warm environments to keep the equipment within its operating temperature margins. The modules of the terres-trial channels are mixed with the SAT moduleby means of a multiplexing bridge. The AM and AM are available in kit format see page 53 and following pages.

F type connectors, located on the lower part to help with the installation.