Dark Sun is an original Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting set in the fictional , The Dark Sun adventure entitled Bloodsand Arena was held on June 19 for Free RPG Day. The second season of D&D Encounters (featuring weekly. This Dungeons & Dragons adventure folio, created for Free RPG Day , previews the Dark Sun setting, available in August Bloodsand Arena is. I hope, I didn’t miss a thread for this topic (no community supporter, no search). I finally got my copy of bloodsand arena and I am really looking.

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Psionics are broadly accepted and celebrated, and are by far the most common form of magic with virtually all living things possessing some psionic talent. The process of creating the Champions turned the sun from yellow to red. The slave minions have two things that set them apart.

D&D 4e Dark Sun Adventure Bloodsand Arena no map Dungeons Dragons

Egotistical, isolationist refugees from the dying Lands Within Winds attempting to save what remains of their decaying homeland.

So great, or perhaps, inevitable that my own campaign took a sudden turn last night and wound up in a desert….

The psionic dragon-lich Dregothwho resurrected himself after being slain by the other Sorcerer-Kings for attempting to become a dragon like Borys, sweeps in and transforms most of the riotous inhabitants into undead. He taught preserving magic to the public but secretly selected students with a potential for both psionics and magic bloodsahd a darker purpose.


In 4th Edition, clerics and other divine classes are not available. Views Read Edit View history.

Retrieved August 27, Weirdly, the adventure didnt contain a map for this introductory encounter, but I happened to cark a new set of Deserts of Athas dungeon tiles imagine that, product tie-in so we were good to go cuz it gave me a chance to use them.

It sounds promising to, especially to get some Athas feeling into my players. With the exception of Denning and Kirchoff, design veterans such as David “Zeb” Cook declined bloofsand join the conceptual team though Cook would write the first two adventure modules: Wednesday, 3rd February, Chris Wilson writing for Time describes the world as “the long-suffering desert planet of Athas, a richly imagined world” with “traces of Dune mixed with Jedi-like powers and a healthy side of murderous human-sized praying mantises”.

The fourth edition setting presents a much abridged and somewhat different backstory that alludes to the original metaplot but doesn’t explicitly reference it. So the magical effect seems not be that important to distinguish the magic power surge.

Dungeons and Dragons Bloodsand Arena 4e Darksun Module | #

Archived from the original on June 5, These planes are accessible from the World and vice versa. Others, such as shamans, clerics, and druids, cast spells using primal magic as opposed to divine magic. Retrieved June 8, Defiling magic is recognized by people nearby suffering pain thy may try to bluff, if they like bloodsamd plants shriveling and is thereby automatically recognized except if all suffering persons nearby make their bluff check, you should use a fixed DC for that bloodsand avoid too much rolls.


Elves are untrustworthy merchants and halflings are cannibals.

Two of the PCs were knocked snu, but the shaman saved them both, as well as himself in the melee. The raider counters and stabs the thri-kreen with a dagger.

Bloodsand Arena Dungeons & Dragons 4e

Retrieved August 20, That takes courage, and her success shows she has awesome dm skills as well. Using the power of the Pristine Tower to harness the energy of the yellow sun he transformed these fifteen into his Champions.

Wizards of the Coast. With Rajaat imprisoned, the former Champions renamed themselves Sorcerer-Kings and despotically divided up the surviving city-states among themselves.

I had agreed to DM the adventure Bloodsand Arena for the event, and it turned out to be a great time for us, and for the whole store. But bluffing seems also to be out of agena way.

For normal use of magic, I might stick to insults and stuff, but no violence against the player. Please contact me with any issues before leaving feedback, so that I can make it right. If I had more time to prepare, I would have described the environment and given them each a chance to choose a skill as a way to successfully navigate the environment.