Model Specifications. Manufacturer(s). Datron. Instrument Model: Description: Autocal Multifunction Calibrator. Instrument Type(s). Calibrator. Application. Find great deals for DATRON AUTOCAL Multifunction Calibrator as Is. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Datron | Sale | Rental | Lease – Calibrator. Datron Calibrator. Contact us for pricing and availability. Description; Options.

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Rear output terminals as a factory- fitted alternative to front panel terminals. They are illustrated below: Any failure or operational deficiency information available allows us to provide the best service. COOOmV 99, 0. As tlie display value is stepped to zero, the polarity sign disappears, and the opposite sign appears as stepping continues in the same direction. The V codes are as follows: The address settings are given in Section 5.

Refer to Section 8.

Frequency Control Refer to pages to The will not accept any 2-wire value less than the stored value for 4-wire, so the 4- wire Remote Sense calibration must be carried out before attempting 2-wire Local Sense. It is not necessary to update all ranges, as it is possible to calibrate one output range. After releasing the original key, stepping can be continued to any increments of the new range. darron

[volt-nuts] Datron manual and options

The external frequency is not present, machine will perform out of specification. Not defined at Zero. Veiy selective bandpass notch filtering is required; this is usually achieved by phase-locking the measurement circuitry to the signal, as performed by a selective signal 470 meter.

Selectable remote or local guard connection.

Please include any information available about failures and what function the instrument was in prior to failure. This applies particularly if the DC source is a standard cell or a bank of cells. In the 4700 case, the specifications are relative to the figures obtained at the earlier verification. Lead impedance Datroj impedance of the connecting leads can drop significant voltages between the source and load, and generate adverse phasing effects particularly if the leads are long or the current in them is high.


Allows displayed frequency to be stored in F1-F5 memories. The process is repeated to verify the ImV Range.

Five points are important: After selecting fl, Remote Sense must be cancelled for 2-wire operation. Local Sense Internal 2-wire, connected as Fig. EOl can be used even if both Cr and Lf are suppressed.

The procedures which follow therefore concentrate on the operation of the during calibration, accepting that the required thennai transfer will be set up to a DC source datfon suitable accuracy. The is now calibrated at this value. Datrin changing polarity during the checks; if leads are reversed it will be necessary to allow time for thermal effects to stabiuze in the reversed connection before proceeding with the check.

Use conductors, joints and terminals with a good margin of current-carrying capacity. In H-V state an audible warning is provided.

During calibration the actual value is measured and stored in the calibration memory to be displayed whenever that range is selected.

Low Thermal | Repair | Wavetek/Datron , , and

If the zero output is to be regarded as absolute Laboratory Reference Zero, then AFTER range gain, calibration its range zero output may be recalibrated to a null across the Hi and Lo Sense terminals. Do not connect null detector to shunt until the voltage across tlie shunt and the source voltage are close in value.

This status report is also available manually by pressing Error key then Lim—. Voltage and frequency criteria are given in Section 2. By submitting a comment, you are declaring that you agree with these rules: Ensure that the DVM is still connected to tlie terminals as shown in Fig.


Pvepeat a to gbut setting theIVD ra,tio and. It is assumed that users will pos. Programming of Operational Functions — more detail about the codes which control operation. Next, the lit keys are man. Ideal case Limits of Tolerance Input value There are three major causes of deviation from the ideal case: Diagnostic information The X commands recall the contents of certain non- volatile calibration memory locations. Cr followed by Lf, b.

Datron 4700 AC/DC Calibrator

IEEE Address switch: EIVlFs These can give rise to series normal mode interference, particularly for datton voltage outputs, and where large currents have a heating effect at thermo-eiectric junctions. Shown with alternative Rear Output terrninais. The activation, procedure is illustrated below: Ensure familiarity with normal operation of the described in this Handbook. Routine adjustment of tite resistor is not necessary.

Select the required Calibration Interval Rear Panel switch. Use Offset-mode to compensate for input offset error and record the MODE display value at operation 6 y on page 4- Ensure that the DVM is still connected to the terminals as shown in.

Control is removed from the front panel keys. The controller holds the REN line true when taking remote control. If conditions are still abnormal the 47000 state will persist, and a further attempt may be made after a suitable interval.