Buy Five Nations (Eberron Campaign: Dungeons & Dragons) by Bill Slavicsek ( ISBN: ) Book 4 of 15 in the Eberron (D&D manuals) Series . The humans of the Five Nations are ethnically diverse. It’s hard to map Eberron’s fashions to Earth’s history because it’s not Earth. . One of the common tropes of many classic D&D settings is dragonhide armor, for example. Although it is the most powerful of the Five Nations emerging from the Last War, it is also the most interested in maintaining peace; King.

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Brelanders are less showy than other nztions but personal items such as flamic pendants or octogram belt buckles identify those with religious conviction. May Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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In our history armor was rendered obsolete by the prevalence of the musket. I like those little flairs to random treasure drops. These goblins mostly rely on intimidation instead of actual armor. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Where Natins likes her wands and her elegant chain dancing, Harkan carries a staff and is quite straightforward about crushing you with his mace.

Eldeen Reaches Most of the land is taken up by forest, out of which most druids operate. Most of my NPCs have a tendency towards trenchcoat and similar long coats because of this change. Not to mention in a world without quite so negative a view of women in the first place. What is the attitude in the Five Nations toward items made from the body parts of sentient species? So yes, they are a grab bag of all possible looks you can imagine. It helps that I often have to watch Project runway with my wife and knew the terms: Two other goblin clans exist consisting of numerous tribes each — the Dhakaani clans Kech Volaar and Kech Shaaratwhich reside in the western Seawall Mountains within ancient Dhakaani fortresses, and the Marguls, which are tribes of the Northern Seawalls mostly their highlands and are primarily composed of bugbears.


This subdued nature goes out the window during festivals though, with people bringing out their finery and the streets being awash with silver and white clothing and silver jewellry.

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List of Eberron modules and sourcebooks

They are helping New Cyre rebuild and were present during the remembrance of the Enerron of Mourning. They could be meant to uphold social mores in Thrane and Karrnath, or to maintain social divisions in Aundair. The survivors of Cyre have little regard for the goblins, given their occupation of Cyre land and general bitterness at the loss of their own home.

What about the influence of Zilargo who are neighbors of Breland without the baggage of having been at war with them.

Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: This page was tive edited on 27 Augustat And rubber balls for middle-class children to play with, for that matter. Views Read Edit View history.

Humans, mostly farmers, live here too and produce food for the elves in a sort of symbiosis. Specifically trollskin leather shoes.

Five Nations

There are records of people being stopped on the street and fined for wearing clothes that were considered too opulent under the sumptuary laws. Something I have put a lot of thought into is regional cuisine. In the last years of the Last War, Cyre was suddenly, and inexplicably, destroyed.

I like to take inspiration from real world historical clothing for Eberron fashion, but use it in an intensely anachronistic way, so it usually loses any historical significance. Compared to Vyenne, his clothing is simple and practical. The best reflection I can give of what MY Eberron looks like is an old character one of my players had years ago; a Dwarf veteran of the War who retired to the life of an inquisitive, never seen without his monocle and trenchcoat.


From here, the Lords of Dust, ruled by malevolent Rakshasa, control fiends and demons and orchestrate far-reaching schemes across Eberron to see their race one day return to power. I gave Cyran fashion a more modern look, tuxedo pants and vests for the men or womenand pencil skirts and long jackets for the women. Although it is the most powerful of the Five Nations emerging from the Last War, it is also the most interested in maintaining peace; King Boranel orchestrated the Treaty of Thronehold, which ended the Last War.

Reflecting a little on how their cultures have shaped them… Vyenne is very gifted and wants the world to know it. As the largest and most populous nation 3. Talenta Plains Halflings, who learned to work together during the Last War, live a mostly nomadic lifestyle here.

Although executive and judicial powers still lie with King Boranel, an elected parliament oversees the legislative duties of the country, making Breland the most democratic of any of the Five Nations.

The Demon Wastes are a barren, volcanic wasteland stretching out from beyond the Shadowcrags and the Icehorn Natiohs, which separate the area from the Eldeen Reaches.

List of Eberron modules and sourcebooks – Wikipedia

I enjoyed your write ups, Keith! Breland ebreron emerged from the Last War as the most powerful country culturally and economically, while its military power rivals that of Karrnath. I always saw that picture as: The medusa sergeant I introduced them to wears a particularly expensive and severe-looking set of blinders.

Karrns are likewise practical, martial, and dressed to deal with a harsher climate.