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Uterine artery Dopper In high-risk popuations uterine artery Dopper at weeks of pregnancy has a moderate predictive vaue for a severey SGA neonate. Low cord bood 25 OH D concentrations have been associated with respiratory syncytia virus bronchioitis and respiratory infections Commony sef inating bags are used for resuscitation, deiver a rate of breaths per minute ca oudy squeeze, two, three.

FOGSI Publication The Federation of Obstetric & Gynecological Societies of India

Khushbu Prajapati Screening for detection of feta aneupoidies Dr. The goa of treatment is normaization of thyroid tests as soon as possibe and to. This incudes choana atresia, esophagea atresia and minor deveopmenta deay. Eat right importance of correcting nutritiona deiciencies iron and vitamin D. We conduct an antenata cass at 28 weeks of gestation. Are detection and treatment of thyroid insuficiency in pregnancy feasibe?

We beieve it fovus best discussed in a group meeting. One can aways then wait for her to deiver and test the chid.

Vitamin D receptors are present in bone marrow. Transient hyperthyroidism and hyperemesis gravidarum: Eary onset and ate onset FGR represent two distinct cinica phenotypes of pacenta dysfunction.

SFH measurement Diagnosis of intrauterine growth restriction: Contingent second trimester utrasound to modify risks for aneupoidy for women having options 14 or 5. Most affected individuas die before or soon after birth and very few survive beyond the irst year of ife.

Resuts shoud be expained and information fogssi be provided through non-directive counseing. Iron Fig Foic acid Fogis we pate 3. There is much to be done by us my friends and each one of us can make a difference in perinata heath! Effect of iron on serum hydroxyvitamin D and 24,dihydroxyvitamin D concentrations. It corresponds to an Apgar score of 3 or ess. In most cases, you shoud have given at east 30 seconds of ventiation through a propery inserted endotrachea tube or aryngea mask.


Though there is a need to take up fogsii of all pregnant women, it is impossible at present.

In babies with heart cogsi of beow 60 bpm despite PPV, the oxygen eve drops to cause acidosis and signiicant myocardia dysfunction. In most situations, it is generay acceptabe, if parents and heath care providers agree that rocus or withdrawing resuscitation is futie, woud proong dying and woud not offer suficient beneit to justify the burden that it woud impose. This depends essentiay on the conviction of the Obstetrician and his abiity to educate and invove the staff.

Other studies demonstrated that ow vitamin D eves in ate pregnancy were associated with reduced intrauterine ong bone growth and ower gestationa age at deivery. The fu response of TSH to T4 therapy is reativey sow. Diabetic mothers are aso at an increased risk of hypertension in focuz pregnancy. We prefer to open focuw with the mother about their feeding preferences at around 28 weeks.

Iodine therapy is contraindicated in pregnancy. The heath beneits of smoking cessation indicate that these interventions shoud be offered to a women who are pregnant and smoke.

Event will start In.


Resuscitation of babies at birth. What a can obstetricians do to prevent visua oss due to ROP?

Feta Feta Surveiance Timing of Deivery Deivery fogsk fu term is not indicated uness there is evidence of macrosomia, poyhydramnios, poor metaboic contro or other obstetric indications e. After deivery, most hypothyroid women need the L-T4 dosage they received during pregnancy to be decreased to the preconception dosage. Risk factors for deveopmenta disorders in infants born to women with Graves disease.

Everyday experiences in a baby s ife can deveop and stimuate his or her senses and provide parents an opportunity to nurture their baby s abiity to earn, think, ove and grow. For this, the aboratory must have the software to integrate a the vaues. Testing for syphiis and maaria shoud be considered in high-risk popuations.


List of FOGSI Focus

Fauty diet rich in carbohydrates, increased phosphates and phytates make iron insoube absorption antacids, H2 bockers and proton pump inhibitors Disturbed metaboism Prepregnancy heath status starts pregnancy with anemia Excessive demand mutipe pregnancy Recurrent pregnancy 10 Eat right importance of correcting nutritiona deiciencies iron and vitamin D Tabe 4 – Food factors inuencing absorption Enhancers Inhibitors Ascorbic acid Oxaate in vegetabes Organic acids citrus Tannin in tea Sprouted and fermented food Phosphates in egg yok Meats and ishes Proteins.

As the aveoi expand and fogssi with air, the increased pressure promotes the resorption of the ung uid, deivers oxygen to the pumonary vesses decreasing the pumonary vascuar resistance and increasing the pumonary bood ow. Each mother is taught how to express mik before discharge.

Agorithm for management of women with history of prior preterm birth Fig 5 Care agorithm for women with a history of birth at weeks Evauate Obstetrica, Medica or Feta causes; thorough Record Review Obstetrica: Perinata outcome in hypothyroid pregnancies.

Timing deivery is therefore, a critica issue in order to baance the risks of prematurity against those of continued intrauterine stay; death and organ damage due to inadequate tissue perfusion.

NIPS abs report a sensitivity rate of Stimuating mutipe senses sends signas to the brain that strengthen the neura processes for earning. Higher dose regimen used for treatment of vitamin D deiciency has not been studied.

Antipateet agents Antipateet agents may be effective in preventing SGA birth in women at high-risk of pre-ecampsia4. Ruchi Nanavati 69 Neonata jaundice and hyperbiirubinemia Dr. Recent advances in management of preterm abor. Bood enters the heart from the veins when pressure from sternum is reeased I f the heart rate is more than 60 bpm but ess than bpm, continue PPV as ong as the baby is showing improvement.