“Evil is non-existent; it is the absence of good.” ~Abdul Baha~. Evil. A word which is familiar to our ears, yet remains a mystery. We encounter. Posts about Glimmerings of Hope written by discourseonhealth. Glimmerings of Hope. DLP was created with the aim of disseminating on a wide scale educational materials that enhance the spiritual and scientific capabilities.

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In reality, evil refers to the lower nature of man. Inside the left drawing, draw or write down the problems you see in your society.

Farzaneology: JYEP 2: complementary activities

I have recently met 2 of that special people and coincidentally they share the same name! And yet, without evil, how will we know the good? Create a free website or blog at WordPress. I am grateful to God for never abandoning me and bringing these 2 wonderful souls in to my life.

Lesson Kibomi is a boy like many others. Everyone enters your life either to teach you something or to learn something from you. But my biggest problem is that I am very shy when it comes to speaking Farsi with someone.


What do the Adumbu do? Always remember that everyone enters your life for a reason. These activities also help the JYs know each other better.

The books are intended to be used as the main sequence of courses in a systematic effort to enhance capacity for service. They can write an inspiring quote, or write the name of a person eg.

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The Ruhi Institute conducts courses and educational programs for diverse age groups, from the tender age of 5 and 6 to adulthood. Amadan be shahre Kuala Lumpur ziyad forsat dad vase yad gereftane zabane Farsi.

It means loving without expectations, even those who gliimmerings not love you. Then ask a JY to draw a person thinking, then paste on the soft board like this: Preferably after completing the book: Then when lunch is ready, everyone helps bring the food to the table.

Dust dokhtare Irani nadaram pas chera? What do I need to study? Only when we have learned to love ourselves, we are able to share that love with others.

Then on the first step at the bottom they should write What does a XXX do? The Ruhi Institute makes its materials glijmerings in English, Spanish, French, Persian and Arabic through organizations in different countries that have been authorized to print and distribute them according to needs worldwide. Age betunam ino hazf konam, Enshallah mitunam Farsiyam behtar konam. This is the lesson about the frog. Encourage them to describe each other with virtues.


Just because evil is a part of our material nature, this does not imply that we are powerless to overcome it. We need protection from disease. To answer this question, we must first discover what evil stands for. I studied the grammar in that book and once I understood its basics, I began constructing sentences with the help of my now many Persian friends.

Glimmerings of Hope | achieving coherence

Finding a Farsi learning book is difficult here in Malaysia. It all started when I met a friend glimmerinsg Iran. Then everyone starts eating, talking, laughing.