Posts about henry wittenberg written by Tyrone Turner. According to Dictionary. com, Isometrics is an exercise or a program of exercises to. Henry Wittenberg’s model book “Isometrics” will encourage the reader to build up to full body strength endurance, max strength. I was reading through Isometrics by Henry Wittenberg online today. H. Wittenberg was an Olympic gold medalist in wrestling in and later.

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Isometrkcs More Posts by Andy The book illustrates several 15 minute workouts that include warm-up, isometrics, and isotonic exercises. Feel your stomach muscles tighten. As such, I try to choose exercises that are fun, safe and easy to perform.

Contact Us View the Inside. Dynamic exercise is a low-resistance movement or workout that involves repetition and performance.

No special equipment is required for isometric exercise. The other wittenbwrg a muscle in a contracted position for a period of time. He didn’t even tell the athletes what he was doing, telling them they were getting Vitamin B12 injections. Besides writing one of the best isometric books ever OK.

I’m using a new system of isometric training now! Another advantage of isometric exercises is that they can be done without the use of expensive equipment.

Isometrics – Henry Wittenberg – Transformetrics Forums

They do take work and intense effort. Wittenberg pased away almost one year ago. The isometric exercise is generally regarded as more effective for maintaining muscle strength than for building muscle hennry, hence it may be recommended for purposes of rehabilitation.


We rest our case! That was the thinking about isometrics when that course was written. The isotonic exercise is the one people generally recognise as being used for fitness, such as playing ball games or weight-lifting. At the same time it is also much easier to injure oneself by training for too prolonged a time or with equipment, such as weights, that qittenberg too heavy or difficult.

One important difference that I noted was that Wittenberg has the exerciser breathing in at the beginning of the contraction and then not exhaling until 10 seconds of exertion are complete.

IPR is more thorough but this book is worth a look. However, they are NOT wittebberg to do.

First, let’s explain the difference between the two terms. Simple examples of isotonic exercises are push-ups, sit-ups, chest presses and squats. But if you and your doctor determine that isometric exercise is dangerous based on your health history, consider alternatives that include more dynamic or active movements.

Isometrics by Henry Wittenberg

When he passed away last year in March he was 91 years young. The coach of the American team was a man by the name of Bob Hoffman. Anyone else read this book? During the ‘s the Soviet Unions weight lifting team started to beat the American team with startling regularity. When anyone asked Hoffman what the change was, he attributed to a new system of “Functional Isometrics” training.


Find More Posts by isorez. Find More Posts by stingray. All times are GMT People thought it had no value on it’s own, which is a shame as isometric exercises DO work. This is just conjecture! One utilizes the body’s own muscles to exert force on a ismetrics object, such as a wall. We have, however, found an Internet site that describes both the “birth” wittengerg the Isometric Exercise programme, its subsequent “demise”, and it’s more recent resurrection.

This type of exercise can be done by almost anyone, anywhere; even those seniors who have limited mobility. Isometric exercises are easy to learn. When any bodybuilder was asked how he achieved his spectacular gains, he would follow the example set by Bob Hoffman.

Isometrics – Henry Wittenberg. The breath should not be held and the contractions should not be maintained too long without breaks. Is Isometrics better than Isotonics?