By Jude Deveraux. ISBN Jude Deveraux’s Passionate Velvet Series Comes Alive in The Velvet Quartet, an Exclusive 4-in-1 Rhapsody Edition. Bronwyn MacArran was a proud Scot. Stephen Montgomery was one of the hated English. He came to Scotland as a conqueror, saw her beauty and was. Velvet Promise (), Highland Velvet (), Velvet Song (), of her wonderful books, the four titles in Jude Deveraux’s Velvet series.

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Very few people are totally good or totally evil. The prank he pulled on his friend Hugh was total crap though. If you want something light, that is far removed from what historically Britain was like during this era then this romantic read has all the best ingredients.

Okay I get she loved her clan so what everyone loves their people but do you have to insult every single Englishman an I didn’t really like this one since it was so long and the heroine got on my nerve so much. This was a New Year’s gift from a sister, and it judd its purpose.

Highland Velvet

I’ve read a quarter of this book and I shall go no further. Velvet Song Unabridged Jude Deveraux. Overview Music Video Charts.

This heroine was unusually given the title of Laird, her father choosing her to be head of highkand clan rather than her brother, which made said brother feel salty towards her. Velfet Market Paperbackpages. Late for his own wedding by 4 days, not a way to impress a bride that despises you already and has never met you. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. But a good book if you want dashing, passionate sparkling historical romance with big characters and a dramatic love story.

He hauls her over his lap and spanks her because only naughty girls say no. But I’m very disappointed this is by far the most annoying and least mature heroine I have ever read. The best Montgomery brother vflvet the se Read this years ago.


Books by Jude Deveraux. Bronwyn MacArran was a proud Scot. It becomes pretty brutal and although I felt conflicted about it, I decided it worked well in the context and I would like to read more jure the Velvet series.

Aug 29, Mahsa rated it did not like it Shelves: She has a large extended family and is the elder sister of four brothers. We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. I also didn’t like how eventually she relieved how selfish she was which I assumed was Steven’s point she apologized to him and he told her she was silly, and not selfish at all.

I would definitely recommend this book to anybody who likes a bit of romance. Truly enjoyed this one when I was young, early 20’s. The other heroine was a sap Judith who allowed her husband to treat her like rubbish she also didn’t sound attractive enough to entice her hubby. After reading book 1, my opinion of Stephen is somewhat like Gavin since he is a warrior. Jude Gilliam was born September 20, in Fairdale, Kentucky. To think that he was considered to be a great warrior.

I’m also tired of hearing her saying “I am a McArran” – really, you don’t have to keep on repeating it. Sure, I degeraux meet a lot of Judf men who became Scottish and wore a kilt, but I wanted a man to love me fiercely. She became his reason to live, his reason to love. He stayed by her bedside during her painful miscarriage and supported her throughout.

Then what was the point you were trying to drive home for the entire first half of the novel dude!?! The hero is just as bad – this book was written in the s and you can definitely tell even though it’s a historical setting.

Highland Velvet • Jude Deveraux

All in all, it was diverting, and I loved the fact that she wasn’t some meek apathetic heroine: Okay I highlahd she loved her clan so what everyone loves their people but do you have to insult every single Englishman and blaming them for your father’s and peoples’ murder?


She began writing inand published her first bo Jude Gilliam vlevet born September 20, in Fairdale, Kentucky. Knowing that they will get hell from them afterwards, the three oldest brothers give the key to the cell to Miles. She was just so immature. Jude has also stepped outside her milieu, with mixed results.

In this case, she should have gone for the My first-ever romance novel. The dialogue is either too stiff or completely American. When Stephen saw her, he was instantly attracted to her and hughland her for himself, and even fought for her and endured a lot of things.

I wonder why the terms nice guy and beta male get conflated so often.

I just wanted to slap her all through the novel. She, being practically a nun, and internalizing all the shame as was appropriate to the time threw herself out of a window to her death. However, I was glad for the whole prank mess, because it made Stephen seem less perfect and Bronwyn less of a shrew.

I assume this would have been even more enjoyable if the This was a New Year’s gift from a sister, and it served its purpose. Feb 04, Rebecca McNutt rated it really liked it Shelves: Dveraux Velvet follows the second oldest Montgomery brother, Stephen, who is ordered by his king to take a Scottish bride.

Sep 06, Jenny added it Shelves: Velvet Montgomery Annuals Quadrilogy 4 books. At the ends, she started redeeming herself.