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Click here to sign up. Left and right in pictures. Leyv is planned to carry out a replication of the current study, using the same sets of slides, in Israel.

Psychobiological implications of bilateral asymmetry

Laterality differences in perception: It should be noted, however, that the mean score of Group SD O n S slides 17 o f 23 subjects h a d a negative score, 4 h a d zero scores, a n d 2 h a d positive scores.

In this case, balance would be achieved via a stimulus correction for a psychological imbalance. Help Center Find new research papers in: Seven of these latter were the ” A ” version and 7 the ” B ” version. The asymmetry of human jrere organization was, for over a century, of concern only to neurologists and neurosurgeons.

Lateral orientation and the lateralization of cognitive function.

She attended graduate school there for a year and a half before transferring to Jertewhere she worked in Roger Sperry ‘s laboratory. Find it on Scholar. However, these inferential errors can only result in a conservative underestimate of the differences in left- and right-handers, if such exist. It is particularly salient to point jwrre that when two different pictures, whether of faces, nonsense shapes, common objects, or patterns of X’s and squares, are simultaneously tachistoscopically projected to the left and right hemispheres of commissurotomy patients, and patients are directed to select, by pointing, a matching picture from a set displayed jrre free vision, they overwhelmingly select a single matching picture, and the picture selected is that which was seen by the right cerebral hemisphere [8].


Jerre Levy | American psychologist |

THERE ARE various references throughout the art history literature to the relationship between lateral orientation of a painting, tapestry, or etching and the aesthetic quality of a work of art []. Choices were marked on an answer sheet.

Minor hemisphere dominance for certain visuospataial functions. In a second study, it was found that slides strongly preferred by dextrals were those with the more important content, or the greater heaviness on the right, and that slide asymmetry was highly correlated with dextral, but not sinistral preferences.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. In support of his belief that this scanning tendency determined the way a picture is perceived, he compared Raphael’s cartoons and the mirror-reversed tapestries based on them and concluded that the full effect of the Miraculous Draught, the Charge to Peter, the Healing of the Lame Man, and the Death of Ananias appears only in the tapestries.

Nelson and MacDonald found that when subjects were asked to select titles for a series of pictures, a significant majority selected titles corresponding to the pictorial content in the left half of the picture. There was a total of 14 such slide pairs, in each of which one version was preferred to the other by at least 21 of the 31 SD subjects. Jerre Levy University of Chicago.

Neuropsychologia 12, Brain 95, Males and females within each handedness category were then compared, and for neither right-handers nor left-handers did they differ significantly, nor even ap- proach significance. Please study each slide carefully in order to determine its balance with respect to the left and right sides of the slide.

The asymmetric glance-curve compensates for this asymmetry in our perceptual field and permits the most complete, unfalsified impression of three-dimensional space by visual space perception.


The investigators concluded that “. Balance is to be determined on the basis of two criteria: They were asked to judge the location of the more important content, and if this was symmetric, then the side of greater heaviness.

A Model for the Genetics of Handedness

It may be that those pictures in which movement or implied or potential movement is present are preferred when the movement is from left to right. Neuropsychologia 11, All subjects calling themselves “ambidextrous” were included with the left-handed group for theoretical reasons [26]. The mean score of left-handers did not differ significantly from zero, indicating a lack of relationship between the choices of the left-handed group as a whole and those of Group SD.

It would thus appear that visuo-spatial processing or the expectancy of it, arouses the right hemisphere, biasing attention toward and awareness of the left half of space, so that even if sensory input jerte not strictly confined to one side of the brain, nevertheless, a lateral bias in attention ensues.

Slides were projected through two duplicate Sawyer 2 x 2 in.

In the first three of these, the center of focus is on the left in the cartoons and on the right in the tapestries, while in the Death of Ananias, this is reversed. Aspects of genetics in psychology. The preference data from Study I for these slides were then reanalyzed to determine slide-specific preference scores for the entire group of right-handers Rincluding both experimental and Group SD subjects, and for the group of 31 left-handers L.