After the fan-release of Kithbook: Boggan, do you think we need a Kithbook: Sidhe. I have to say, I was very dissapointed when they published. Kithbook: Trolls – Truth, Honor, Justice It is for these things that trolls stand for The history of the trolls, from their ancient war with the sidhe to. Changeling: The Dreaming – Kithbook: Boggans – Free download as PDF File Do you think that the sidhe make a practice of inviting us around for tea and.

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And no, you can’t keep it a secret.

Kith-Specific Flaws

Satyrs Teddy Bear Boggans Something about you screams harmless. Retrieved from ” http: The Sidhe, seeing nothing good ahead for them, packed up and left the earth, destined for Arcadia, the legendary home of all Fae. These negative traits are valid even in situations where you’re trying to order the peons around–and in cantrips involving the Fae Realm Hearty Commoner. Boggans Blighted Face Trolls Throughout history, there have been legends of monstrous giants, as frightening in appearance as in strength and size.

You are bound to remain within a particular set of borders, and crossing their threshold immediately triggers a wasting condition identical to the Oba Frailty, Native Soil. You will fixate your attention on the most attractive fae or person in any given situation, though your reactions will vary, depending on your character. You can feel all uppity that you aren’t trapped in mortal flesh like some people you could mention, but that’s really the only upside. The details of the pact should be worked out between you and your Storyteller, but in general, the more often you ask for help, the less effective and willing the help will be.


Clurichaun Kith Book They often carry important stations in life as well as in court, and are mostly wealthy, entitled, and charming. On Satyrs – They’re good for a brief dalliance, but otherwise, they’re not as deep as they make themselves out to be. Whenever you are supposed to be in hibernation, you may spend a Willpower point to remain awake for 24 hours.

Somewhere along the line, someone whom you wronged died. Something about you screams harmless.

Clurichaun Kith Book – Onyx Path Forums

Born of dreams of the rulers of kingdoms, the Sidhe are the nobility of the Kithian. Ancient Pact 5pts – Sidhe have various treaties and arrangements with Prodigals going back to the before the time of the Shattering. Like the sound of breaking flass or grinding metal, your voice hurts people’s sensibilities. But, at least you never have to worry about male-pattern baldness. You may find a partner willing to accommodate your “special” nees, but even then, you never quite get over the fear that she is telling everyone about your hang-ups and that they are all secretly laughing at you.

You are the poor love-lorn soul who can never find the courage to tell the person you love how you feel about her.

Sluagh Stench of Decay Sluagh While most Sluagh have a slight odor of decay about them, you smell like you washed in raw sewage. Callous, Condescending, Impatient, Oblivious, Tactless. Who knows, but what is certain is that any Redcap possessing this flaw will do anything to get his tooth back. This difficulty is lowered by one if you wear dark kithbbook. Perhaps your parents taught you that you didn’t deserve love or maybe you feel that others are entitled to that last piece of cake more than you are.


Sidhe | Changeling: The Dreaming Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

While wearing clothes you feel uncomfortable and ill at ease; for every week that you spend wearing clothes without being naked for at least one full day you gain a point of temporary banality.

You don’t, however, have to be a follower in the pack, you could just as kithbpok be the leader who needs more than anything to have a group to oversee. If you’ve got a piece of information, you can’t resist telling the world.

Redcaps Dead Roommate Kithbooi The “Wailing” has caused quite a bit of trouble for you ever since it occurred, one of which is that a ghost now inhabits your favourite possession. You may no longer practice your craft legally. It takes a real effort Willpower roll, difficulty 6 for you even to come out of your lair, and another one every day to keep you from scuttling back in.

A Stamina roll is required difficulty 6otherwise he’ll immediately upchuck everything in his stomach. Originally posted by Nazfool View Post. As you grow in power, so will she, and she won’t rest until you’re destroyed.

If you have the four-point Flaw, you are a true troglodyte. You are a throwback to the original goblins and are used to life underground. Whether it’s adding a little oomph to your cantrips, boasting of your skills, or even bending the Right siidhe Ignorance and revealing your fae nature to people.