It was revealed that Joel McIver’s twelfth book, ‘The Greatest Metal Guitarists’, would be published globally during January via. Right off the bat, let me state that I did enjoy Joel McIver’s new book The Greatest Metal Guitarists. It’s a fast read, filled with insight. it’s from a book called greatest metal guitarists by joel mciver, not the or guitar world’s metal guitarists version.

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And he writes about each player in an engaging way.

Not a terrible list, but at least this guy had the sack to put it out there, knowing that other players would likely rip on it. Those guys do the job required by the band but they do nothing spectacular.

The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists

It doesn’t give you the full picture, but is an excellent headstart! It’s par for the course for at least one of the genres discussed, but some people may find it a bit juvenile, or offensive depending on your religious orientation and all that Hell, even old Nick is probably baffled by the sheer number of bands trying to out-Satan one another.

Nick Schwartz rated it it was amazing Jul 19, As always, Joel McIver is a step above most authors in the heavy metal genre. There are some great players on there, but the order in which these players rank, is way off to say the least. An additional 20 guitarists are featured here in name only and I must admit that this guitraists to be a disappointment for me because it continued the process that the above appendix started and leaves players like Rhoads, Van Halen, Malmsteen and George Lynch to merely be mentioned and discounted because they “shred”.

Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Just look at anyone’s top list on the major news feeds to see how much they get taken apart by the fans.

Icebox rated it it was amazing Aug 23, Since we emerged from the primeval ooze, mankind has laboured under the mistaken impression that hard rock is heavy metal and heavy metal is hard rock. ojel


Aug 1, Messages: Juan Valdivia rated it really liked it Jan 01, I actually figured Mustaine would be at the top or very near. I haven’t read the book so I don’t know the reasoning behind not considering Randy Rhodes a metal guitarist but I cannot fathom how one can make that argument.

I for one would have Jarzombek at number one Marty Friedman agrees with mefor his technique, his cerebration, and his innovation, not to mention he can suddenly sound like Holdsworth if he wants.

100 Greatest Metal Guitarists

Whether you’re into the modern metal of Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold and Dragonforce, classic 80s and 90s extreme metal from Metallica, Slayer and Pantera, or the movement’s original pioneers Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, you’ll love this book–and from the moment you lay eyes on No.

Long story short, I agree with some jol the list, but disagree as well, like most of the people here. I had to admit that this one really left me confused even though I tried to see where the author was coming from with it. Pawel Grzelczyk rated it really liked it Feb 12, I choked on my coffee.

Petrucci can play like a lot of other guys, but I wouldn’t say he’s an innovator. We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book.

If you’ve ever wielded a tennis rack in anger in front of a bedroom mirror, or even if you’re a metal musician yourself, you need this book – the world of the overdriven guitar will never look the same again. It’s a fast read, filled with insight, interview mviver, photographs, and opinions on plenty of metal’s most distinguished axemen. Of course he is.

Greatest Metal Guitarists : Joel McIver :

If this offends you, please feel free to email me saying things like: I won’t divulge who is 1, but it won’t be who mciiver think it is. Embla rated it really liked it Feb 03, We all know that where top lists and rankings are concerned, there will always be differences of opinions. They definitely cannot even be on this list and here they occupy 11 and 30 respectively. Sep 16, Messages: Sanders and he should have switched places.


That said, I give him credit for not only his picks, but the in-depth way at which he details his choices for his picks. Also,I know its difficult to play that 8th string in a tremolo style but that’s all that Thordendal and Hagstrom from Meshuggah can do. Gentaro Satomura from Storm Rider? Maybe that’s true for folks like Impelliteri and MacAlpine but there was a lot more in the way of musical depth being delivered by many of the guys in this list and to be honest a couple of them don’t even belong here in the first place Satriani, and Eric Johnson to name them.

Release rated it liked it Greates 02, This was an interesting read, but I was left scratching my head from time to time as each player went passed me and I often would be flipping back and forth saying “wait, he thinks this guy is better than that guy!!!! Its a sight for sore eyes! Be the first to ask a question about The Greatest Metal Guitarists. Published December 15th by Jawbone Press first published December 1st Before I get any further into this I should inform the readers that I was at one time a Metal drummer, and mdtal that being said I might call into question my uoel view greatesg what makes a “great Metal guitarist” and then again perhaps not because we see this role from a different perspective that might be welcomed by some.

Mustaine deserved the no 1 spot. Feed Icon Subscribe in a reader. The Best Books of But miver goes with several other bands that do have guitar players on that list. In the end there were too many glaring omissions and guitarosts many off the beaten path choices made but again such a list boils down to personal opinion and many are bound to both agree and disagree with the author.