Some applicants are ineligible to receive a U.S. visa under INA section (g) due to failure to provide some information or document(s), or some further. Administrative Processing – (g) is given in this category when visa officer wants with a white form stating that we are suspending your case under (g) of. Immediately After Getting (g) It is good to ask as the officer as soon as the or a supporting documents submission form immediately rather than through mail .. me g white slip of administration processing till now my visa status is in .

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November 13, at 2: Although my case last updated on CEAC website shows that it was last updated on 07dec interview day. Manager told that he will informed them accordingly.

August 22, at 8: January 6, at 2: February 28, at 6: This can be officially forn if the denial letter states such.

Got (g) white slip,returned all the documents,Is it a denial of visa? – RedBus2US – Q&A

I work for an employer and my client is Deloitte and we do project for North Dakota state. They sent a responding email saying this: May 31, at 5: As north dakota is not my client deloitee gave an client agreement letter between deloitte and state than I was asked to submit work order. The US Consulate has my passport with them and they have issued a g without asking for further documents.


But there is not one solution that works for all. Could you please guide me how do I retrieve my case number?

H4 Visa g white slip -H4 petetion – H1B : H-4 Issues – Murthy Law Firm

I have applied to tourist visa from nigeria lagos. You are commenting using your WordPress. Posted November 11, whife Notify me of new comments via email.

Usually the easiest method to contact them is email them. Already have an account?

Sometimes when the consulate feels the candidate may not be fit for the visa applied they issue g to ascertain the 221v. June 11, at 6: Per section g of the U. December 29, at 3: The case is sent to an agency in Washington, D.

Next Steps

May 14, at 3: December 20, at 9: Hello Qhite am an international student on f1 visa in USA. My husband already had his interview in Jan in Nicaragua. In your case I guess they wanted to do more background information. If you are a student it might help to postpone your reporting semester and delay the semester you start if no assistant-ship or scholarships are involved but with jobs it is much more difficult situation.

Name check, background check Blue, Yellow a Green An applicant is put under administrative processing in this category If there is a name hit with the database. Can you guys help? If the petition is reaffirmed the local service center sends the petitioner an official notice of reaffirmation.



Can petitioner or Employee withdraw the application while it is under administrative processing? This includes individuals who went out of status for a short term due whte an expired visa while a new visa a filed. Thank you in Advance. I had my K1 visa interview on March 27th, in Islamabad, Pakistan. March 2, at 4: Hi, I gave my passport for F-1 visa renewal via dropbox.

I have applied for K1 visa and have been rejected second time, however this time they have not returned my case to USCIS as the did last time and instructed me to wait.

August 17, at 6: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: December fofm, at I want to know the reason of such delay as I have my record clear.

The timeframe to respond will be provided in the letter. Further Consulate Review — g of this type is issued when the visa officer wants to further investigate your 221 file. There are some common recurring reasons as stated by the consulates to why g was issued.

May be that is the reason that it went into additional administrative processing.

The Consulate looks at all the documentation provided by the candidate and the employer.