LAN Switch WXR, WX, or 3Com Wireless LAN Controller. WX This guide This manual shows you how to plan, configure, deploy, and manage a. User guide • Read online or download PDF • 3Com WX 3CRWXA User Manual • 3Com Computer Accessories. User manual for the device 3Com WX 3CRWXA. Online user manual database.

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Page Classifying and Organizing Alarms Menu items include the following options: Page – Example 4: If the service is installed on the same machine as the one you are using to run 3WXM, enter Generating Rf Network Design Information Information report provides all of the necessary information for the physical installation of the 3Com Mobility System.

Clearing this option allows programs to show the underlined character for mnemonics in 3WXM. Location 1 In RF Planning, navigate 3cpm the floor plan. For example, if the scope is Building, select the building. For example, to select minimum delay and maximum throughput as the TOS options, type 12, which is the sum of the two values.

You can display information about the devices of interest. To use countermeasures, they must be enabled. Information report provides all of the necessary information for the physical installation of the 3Com Mobility System.

Page Viewing and Configuring Global MAP placement, and generate RF manuall design information. Each floor name in a building must be unique.

You can configure the following rogue detection lists: A work order shows where the MAPs should be installed, WX initial setup configuration information, and projected RSSI information that is useful when verifying the installation.

Ws4400 example, selecting a session from the Client Monitor panel Monitoring launches the current statistics for that session. Changing Global To change global You also can use site survey data to optimize a network plan after installing 3Com equipment.


3Com WX 3CRWXA User Manual | pages

If you select Selected, select the individual ports in the Available Physical Ports list and kanual Add. W4400 3WXM, you can easily select all objects in the layer and assign the same RF attenuation value to them. Page 81 Creating or Modifying Buildings in a Site 1 In the Building Name box, type the name of the building 1 to 30 alphanumeric characters, with no spaces or tabs.

The tools for drawing non-RF objects work the same as the manuxl for drawing RF objects, but the tools are different. If you created RF obstacles for all objects in a layer, all objects in the layer are converted into separate RF obstacles.

For example, create a new layer called RF-ExtWalls for external walls, and move all external wall objects into that layer.

3Com WX4400 3CRWX440095A User Manual

Disabling And Reenabling Wx44000 Resolving an Error or Warning 3Com recommends that you do not deploy a network plan that contains configuration errors. Marlborough, MA USA 3Com Corporation reserves the right to revise this documentation and to make changes in content from time to time without obligation on the part of 3Com Corpor.

Session Properties Location History Got it, continue to print. The name can be 1 to 32 3co, characters, with no spaces or tabs. To save a backup copy, you can use the Save As page. Mabual can specify from 1 to seconds. Viewing and Last resort access allows users to access the network without entering a Configuring This option does not require any preconfiguration of the switch.

This chapter describes how to change monitoring service preferences. If you specify 0, the idle timeout is disabled.

After—Only events that occurred after a specified time In the Start box, click the arrow to use the calendar to specify the day, month, and year.

You also can create a new USM user even if one is already configured. Viewing and Configuring Wireless Services Page 37 Display Panels When you click a link to open a configuration wizard, if there are unsaved changes, 3WXM prompts you to apply 3fom cancel the changes. Generating A Site Survey Order The base key and activation key enable you to manage up to 10 wireless LAN switches.


Use this option when you are creating a new switch in 3WXM. Importing or Drawing Floor Details 6 To w4400 the maximum size of objects to be removed, type the new horizontal and vertical dimensions in the X-axis and Y-axis boxes.


Click Finish to accept the changes. To disable automatic refreshing of events, clear the Auto-update checkbox and click Apply. Issue countermeasures if enabled.

Changing Certificate Management Options A: The default view is the graphical representation of alarms. Because the client and server versions must match, an upgrade to 3WXM Services requires an upgrade of the client on each machine to the same version. The Coverage Area Qx4400 dialog for the selected coverage area appears.

Vietnam Call the U. Perform the following steps to generate an Alarm History report: While every effort is made to ensure the information given is accurate, 3Com does not accept liability for any errors or mistakes which may arise.

These options are located in the Task panel on the right side of the screen shown below and include the following: When you apply a policy to a set of WX switches, all parameter settings in the policy wz4400 applied to the switches and update the settings already on the switches. If the area supports more than one radio technology, you also need to select the technology.