The following is a list of ALL 72 goetic demons, their sigils, and information about them that I’ve gathered straight from my personal Grimoire. This project is for a full set of 72 Demon Medieval Woodcut style Prints, inspired by the Lesser Key Solomon Ars Goetia Grimoire. All artwork will. The Lesser Key of Solomon is an occult text containing the “Ars Goetia” – a list of 72 demons that can be summoned and commanded by.

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The Sixtieth Spirit is Vapula, or Naphula. The Twenty-first Spirit is Marax. Seere discovers thefts, transports goods, and can control time He can cause goftia spell or act of magick to occur immediately. He is considered to be a gracious life-giving and life-sustaining God, taking care of his people, the beasts of the field, the fowls of heaven and the fishes of the sea.

One of the rarest and most reputable treatments of ceremonial magic. After performing energy work on him, he transformed into a tall and slender and very handsome Demon. He goetka a robe of bright shining silver with gold highlights. YOUR support keeps this site running. He has high cheek bones and tanned skin. He also appears with his Wife, Nephthys [Bathin]. Last year I ran a campaign to print my first artbook, the Occult Supergiant Primer and thanks dsmons everyone who supported it was a terrific success.

Bathin reveals the properties of herbs and precious stones. Prince Vassago is a day Demon and rules 26 legions of spirits. And semons Seal is this, which is to be worn as aforesaid, etc.

Gortia an idea of the coins these aren’t final, I’ll get scans from him later on once he’s finalised his designs: Learn more about accountability. She is very friendly and likable. He lit up my entire room with his energy when he appeared to me. He will declare wittingly how the Spirits fell, if desired, and the reason of his own fall.


Lesser Key of Solomon – Wikipedia

He is one of the most dangerous to the enemy. He governeth 10 Legions of Spirits. The artwork is already done apart from maybe a few tweaks, which is why I can set the minimum goal for this project, and all of it can be seen in these pics mostly in the right order apart from the ones in the last pic as they’re the latest to be finished.

Then the great serpent came and wrapped itself around Nimrod the stump. I asked him about something unrelated to the summoning, and he said simply, I should ask another Demon another time, and returned to the task at hand with magnificent deliberation.

He is a Great and Mighty Duke, and appeareth in the form of a gallant Soldier riding on a Crocodile, with a Ducal Crown on his head, but peaceably.

Modern Magick: List of Demons of the Goetia

His Office is to distribute Presentations and Senatorships, etc. He destroys the desires and thoughts of enemies, and provides good familiars.

Seal of Bael Ruler: Malphas can use magick to create anything. He is good at argument and answers questions in burning ashes or coals of fire. Amdusias told the Joy of Satan Ministry in This bright scepter is, however, not merely an emblem of authority, power and might, but also a stylus in the hand of Beelzebub, the scribe, by means of which he writes the will and enters the decisions of Satan.

She has large eyes that match her hair.

Gusion’s method is to deliver hard information. He giveth Riches unto a Man, and maketh him Wise and Eloquent. Learn more about accountability. He rideth upon a furious Bear, and carrieth a Boshawk upon his Fist. His wings are like a Griffin’s wings. But when they had broken it open, out flew the Chief Spirits immediately, with their Legions following them; and they were all restored to their former places except BELIAL, who entered into a certain Image, and thence gave answers unto those who did offer Gietia unto him, and did worship the Image as their God, etc.


He has most beautiful energy. She is largely built with lots of long curly blonde hair. He has a dark complexion with jet-black hair.

The Twenty-fourth Spirit is Naberius. He reconciles enemies and brings the love of a woman to a man. He can cause Love, and show the Similitude of any person, and show the same by a Vision, let them be in what part of the World they Will.

He teaches those whom he favors to kill their enemies, masters and servants. She can instruct one in meteorology, and in the workings of healing and medicine, She is a bringer of peace.

He knows all of the properties of and the powers of plants and stones, and provides birds as familiars. But then he tarrieth not one hour in the Truth, unless he be con. She causes one to be loved by women and brings love to men. However, they will manifest blatantly as we get closer to semons climax of our cause. He helps in discovering hidden things. He governeth 30 Legions of Spirits, and this is his Seal, etc.

The first time I caught goeta glimpse of Malphas’ Aura, I saw the room fill with his aura.