A2Billing invoicing could work in exactly the same way, using the same idea – a post-paid customer has an overdraft limit, while a pre-paid. How A2Billing Invoices and the Customers Balance screen, the balance column and how refills work. asterisk 2 billing platform. Contribute to xrg/a2billing development by creating an account on GitHub.

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There are no reviews yet! The key to this is that anything that changes the customer’s balance must be written to the customer’s preview invoice, or the system falls down, and you do not have an audit trail. Then the whole process starts again. In terms of maintenance x2billing option one would require two processes – 1. More after further digestion.

A2billing – WHMCS Create & Control Post Paid VoIP accounts Module (A2Post Paid) – WHMCS Marketplace

It creates an invoice for all charges created and not invoiced since the last billing it’s possible that a charge is not paid but invoiced by an other process. Most people are familiar with a bank statement, so the concept will be familiar to most customers, as our system would work in the same way. Customer reviews the record. In my opinion, Option 1 is suitable for selling phones, or consultancy, e.

Order Assistant helps you to automate order management process. Send an invoice every month, with the balance carried forward from previous invoices. How are you thinking of sending the invoices? Before spending the time to do an assessment of hours and cost on this, we really need more affirmation that this is the right way forward.


Screenshots | A2Billing

In the “close invoice” issue: With this module set up, you can further secure your A2billing server and use WHMCS as your client front end instead of A2billing client area. However, I really do not want customers closing invoices. Especially if he is to close someone’s account, and have it settled in full. A2bbilling Feb 02, 8: I’ve been giving some thought to the process of invoicing, and I believe that I have come up with a relatively simple logic of how it should work.

Reread the process, and while you are doing so, try to imagine how a bank statement works. Can some of those items be consolidated under on menu or maybe removed? He sees his current invoice, and also the “Preview” invoice, that includes all the traffic and other costs incurred between the 1st and the 10th.

This is what is used to allow calls or not, depending on your CB and credit limit. Payments can be made either in excess of the invoice, or less than the invoice and the system will cope.

So in both cases the record should be a2billimg same.


What I mean by that, do I as an admin need to manually create invoices and stuff, or what sorry I’m somehow not very familiar with the way billing aspect of a2b works Thanks for your time once again! If this is what Joe’s post suggest, it sounds good to me. So giving this facility to the customer may not be a good idea, but I think it is something admin may require. Fri Jan 22, 1: Sat Feb 06, 1: I am using the term record cycle invoicr A2Billing is designed for repeating service with the occasional one time sale.


Pre-pay billing is where A2Billing is aimed, but what about post-pay billing, which is also an option?

The only issue that I can see is that this may cause some unexpected load during the day for busy customers. Flexibility in whether a customer is pre-pay or post-pay, simply by changing the credit limit of the customer – e. The amount of balance available will either be the value of money given to you by the customer, or it will be the credit limit you have given the customer, plus any money they have given you.


For instance, when a DID billing or recurring service is performed, credit from the customer’s balance will be deduced and a a22billing will be created to keep a trace, not an invoice cause no payment is related to it.

One disadvantage is that different types of service attract different levels of VAT, this will not be easy to include in the current version of A2Billing, as it is an accounts based system, but I am sure there are work arounds which can carry is through to the next version of A2Billing, where we can write this requirement invpice from the ground up.

It is important to understand what these fields represent, and how they will change through your billing cycles. The information giving for both prepaid and post paid should be the same. Thus the latest invoice replaces all previous invoices.