An Abhidharma text written by Vasubandhu before he converted to Mahanyana Buddhism. The name of the text literally means the strorehouse. Abhidhamma is the Higher Teaching of the Buddha, some- times referred to as the ultimate teaching (paramattha desanà). In it, man is described as a. The Sanskrit term abhidharma seems to derive from the expression “concerning ( abhi) the teaching(s) (Skt., dharma, Pali, dhamma).” For the.

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The twenty-four conditional relations are: Intellectual assimilation and doctrinal disputes also existed between the Buddhist monastic community and the contemporaneous Sanskrit Grammarians, Jains, and Brahmanical schools with their evolving scholastic oosha analytical movements, which must also have contributed to the Abdhidharma discursive hermeneutics and argumentative style. These seven texts are preserved in Pali and all but the Yamaka have been translated into English.

These two chapters are the basis for distinguishing between samsara and nirvana. Nevertheless, the object of the doctrine of momentariness is abhdiharma so much existence in time or the passage of time per se, but rather, in epistemological terms and a somewhat Bergsonian sense, the construction of temporal experience.

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Abhidharmakośakārikā – Wikipedia

The world is the basis of suffering in samsara. In the modern era, kosh the Abhidharmas of the Sarvastivadins and the Theravadins have survived abhjdharma, each consisting of seven books, with the addition of the Sariputra Abhidharma.

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The pathor methods taught by the Buddha, is the antidote to suffering.



This commentary includes an additional chapter in prose refuting the idea of the “person” pudgala favoured by some Buddhists. Underlying this analysis of causal conditioning is the notion of existence as efficacious action, or karma. At abhidharja heart of these interpretations is the concept of intrinsic nature Skt. The text describes the process undergone in the intermediate state tib: The increasingly detailed enumerations of dharmas demonstrate that no essence or independent self could be found in any phenomenon or its constituents, since all aspects of experience are impermanent, arising and passing away subject to numerous causes and conditions.

In particular, the Theravada Abhidharma contains two texts the Katha Vatthu and Puggala Pannatti that some consider entirely out of place in an Abhidharma collection.

An English translation of the chapter titles, including the title of the 9th chapter of Vasubandhu’s commentary, is:.

The texts seem to be the products of discussions about the doctrine within the early Buddhist community. I am grateful to be your customer. The first is the analytical style of the texts, which attempt to summarize meticulously the significant points of the Dharma and provide a comprehensive taxonomy of the mental and physical factors that constitute sentient experience.

The Abhidharma, then, sets the stage for this epistemological turn.

It consists of the seven sections as described below. Translations of abhidhamma Pali:. Please note that your card will be active in the system for 30 days.

Abhidharmakosha, Abhidharmakośa, Abhidharma-kosha: 1 definition

Traditionally, Theravada Buddhists have held that the Abhidharma was not a later addition to the tradition, but rather represented the first, original understanding kosna the abhidhqrma by the Buddha. A generally accepted tradition has it that some time around the beginning of the third century BCE, the primitive Buddhist community divided into two parties or fraternities: Those who rejoice in the qualities of others cultivate lovingkindness quickly and easily, as opposed to those who enjoy discerning others’ shortcomings.


How can an event that undergoes distinct stages of origination, endurance, and cessation in a brief moment have causal efficacy? Add your comment or reference to a book if you want to contribute to this summary article.

The first four points concern that which is conditioned, impure or contaminated by suffering Tib: If you want to know the exact meaning, history, etymology or English translation of abhidahrma term then check out the descriptions on this page. Verify the characters on the left.

Treasury of Abhidharma

You will be informed as and when your card is viewed. The Treasury is included among the so-called ” Thirteen great texts “, which form the core of the curriculum in most shedras and on which Khenpo Shenga provided commentaries.

Bronze and wood abhodharma, books and apparel.

The Suttanta elaboration abhidhar,a these three interlocking ideas results in a formula A I that states that conditioned phenomena Skt. Keep up the great work guys! One primary controversy centered on the principle of impermanence: The text comprises two parts and — a bare text of verses called the Abhidharmakosa karikar and verses of preso commentary called the Abhidharmakosa bhasya. Citta can never be experienced as bare consciousness in its own origination moment, for consciousness is always intentional, directed to a particular object that is cognized by means of certain mental factors.

Various scholars have argued that this system reflects a dynamic conception of dharmas: