Agricultural Development Led Industrialization (ADLI): Compatibility Analysis. Corporate Author: Alemayehu Seyoum(Editor) & Ethiopian. news,Agriculture, UN, Smallholder Farmer, Book, ADLI Ethiopian agricultural economist — said that Ethiopian officials need to reconsider the. Ethiopia’s economy and the role of the agriculture sector. 2. . ADLI. Since , the overarching strategic framework guiding Ethiopia’s development has.

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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. All agricultural extension activities will give due emphasis to gender integration as well. In terms of pastoral areas, special efforts are made to enhance specialization in livestock production and marketing through the provision of water supply for the community and their livestock as well.

An agricultural economist by training, Getachew has more than three decades of accumulated field and research experience. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Ethiopia: The ADLI Still Mobilizing Ethiopia’s Economy

DBE to foreclose on Ayka Addis. A key feature of the Safety Net Program is its household focus. To address comments or complaints, please Contact us. Ericsson to resume work on mobile network expansion project. Areas where the Government would have a comparative advantage include setting the regulatory framework and standards, financing infrastructure especially roads and the Rural Roads and Transport Program- and small-scale irrigation primarily focusing on water harvesting at the household level, helping farmers build medium-scale irrigation on a cost-recovery basis, and construction of some multipurpose dams that would support ehhiopia irrigation.

Moreover, the Productive Safety Net Program is intended to bridge the income gap of chronically food insecure households, and engage such households in community asset building efforts especially during the lean season and times of drought.

Ethiopia: The ADLI Still Mobilizing Ethiopia’s Economy –

The agricultural biotechnology focuses on technologies like tissue culture, mass propagation, marker-assisted breeding in crops and livestock, and promotion of useful microbial processes. Getachew has previously served as country director and representative for Liberia.

The once famously quoted and the much talked about Agricultural Development Led Industrialization ADLI strategy the Government of Ethiopia introduced to drive the economic development of the country now remains in shadows and a former UN expert urged the strategy to be reintroduced and practiced for the benefit of smallholder farmers.

As food insecure households are resource poor, living in drought prone and degraded areas, focusing on crop and livestock production alone may not entirely solve the problem of food insecurity in some areas. Agricultural extension and research, agricultural export promotion, food Security Program, productive Safety Net Program; and voluntary Resettlement Program.


Major interventions in this area also include improving livestock quality, expansion of animal health services, water points, feed production and improvement of breeds and development of market infrastructure. In an overwhelming agricultural country such as Ethiopia, agricultural growth is an essential ingredient for growth and for alleviating poverty —as China has shown us.

Auditor General declines Board appointment. Recognizing this fact, the government’s response includes increasing the number and education level of Development Agents through providing extensive technical, vocational education and training TVET in agriculture and through the establishment of Farmers Training Centers to transfer improved agricultural technologies and give adequate services at a closer reach.

The major outputs of the public research system are varieties with improved agronomic and protection practices that can be used in crop diversification and specialization, for both traditional food crops, as well as high value crops such as vegetables, spices and other horticultural crops.

Soil calibration of the major soil types of Ethiopia will also be conducted by the research system to better assess the amount of fertilizer required by different types of crops. This will generate increases in income as well as an increase in the assets that the rural population has or the form in which they are held. This was dominant in rural areas so far but now it is also covering citizens in cities with the newly emerging urban safety net program which will benefit millions of citizens through development activities such as urban agriculture and green initiatives.

See What Everyone is Watching. Effective agricultural research is also at the core of improving productivity and is central for making progress. This is in addition to the community asset that it helps build. Authority relaxes aviation proclamation to enhance private sector involvement. This distinction guides the differentiated interventions needed to promote cross-sectoral and integrated growth.

A special effort will be made to improve the research coverage of dry land and pastoral aggro-ecologies in the coming years, which has not been adequate ethopia the past. Ethiopia was constantly dependent on international aid for decades so far, but ethuopia the country is registering a double digit economic growth for about a decade so as it has managed to achieve food security of its citizens.

Getachew said that to make agriculture more effective and transformed, strategies such as ADLI should be reconsidered to induce mechanized farming and innovative agriculture in Ethiopia, Getachew calls.

Specific policy measures to improve agricultural productivity and promote food security include: In states with adequate rainfall, for example, the focus is on exerting all possible efforts to efficiently utilize available rainwater to bring about the maximum possible rate of agricultural development, and promoting irrigation in areas where it is feasible. House approves bill to setup reconciliation commission. It also has to lead to an increase in the consumption of the now larger volume of agricultural commodities and the increase in income has to be spent mostly in the rural areas themselves so it can generate induced non-farm employment.


This is due to the country’s choice of using the Agricultural Development Led Industrialization which is the backbone and the base of the economy of the country.

And the country is also building capacity to withstand food insecurities that has happened due to natural and climatic phenomenon such as the current El Nino.

To contact the copyright holder directly for corrections — or for permission to republish or make other authorized use of this material, click here. The government will largely restrict itself to playing an inter mediating role where there are gaps. The strategy promotes the use of labor-intensive methods to increase output and productivity by applying chemical inputs, diversifying production, utilizing improved agricultural technologies.

Hence, income diversification through non agricultural activities is important. ADLI also emphasizes the importance of distinguishing ethio;ia zones and tailors strategies as well as interventions for optimal development outcomes.

Priority for household asset-building interventions is given to beneficiaries of the Safety Net Program. Filed under EconomyNotes.

He was head of the program for WFP in Sudan, regional program advisor for the Middle East and Central Europe, on top of serving as director of the partnerships and capacity development service at the WFP headquarters.

Emphasis will also be given to introduction and adaptation of high value crops to support specialization and diversification programs. This site uses cookies. Research is also conducted on food science, socioeconomic and post harvest technology as well as farm implements. The government of Ethiopia and its people are now safely traveling towards registering a better economy and development through Agricultural Development Led Industry hoping that the industry sector will take the path of the travel after some years.

The Ethiopian agriculture as pointed out in his book fails to provide five essential requirements. The other more important thing in ADLI is research. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: