Aeschines: Against Timarchus [ BCE]. Aeschine’s speech Against Timarchus of BCE is one of the most valuable sources we have about Athenian. Access. Via Perseus Philologic. Aeschines. Against Timarchus. Perseus under Philologic. University of Chicago. 7 October (). In Against Timarchus, Aeschines introduces the argument of sections. 72 to 93 with an unusual exclamation. He claims that his oppo- nents will ask why he is not.

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And tell those who have eaten up their patrimony to go to work, and find some new way to get their living. No one English word covers both the political and the oratorical activity of the profession.

He won the praise of his commander in an expedition for the relief of Phlius inand served in other Athenian expedi- tions, at last taking part in the battle of Mantinea.

Harris’ Aeschines and Athenian Politics [Oxford: Did they focus disapproval on the pursuer? Of these, Eupolemus was the first to die, before the estate had been divided ; next, Arizelus, the father of Timar- clms. As a result of this acquaintance I enjoyed the same intimacy with Timarchus as with Leodamas previously. They were punished with death, though their crime was far less, by Zeus and Apollo, than that of this defendant; those poor wretches met such a fate because they were unable to defend agains against old age and poverty together, the greatest of human misfortunes; the defendant should suffer it because he is unwilling to restrain his own lewdness.

To pimp or “pander” for a free i. That this is true you all know. Whom would he pity who has had no pity on himself?

Now, fellow citizens, see whether the reply timarcus I make seems to you frank and straightforward. I will speak first of Homer, whom we rank among the oldest and wisest of the poets.

The nine archonships, officially, the surpreme offices of the state. For I am ashamed in the city’s behalf, if Timarchus,the counsellor of the people, the man who dares to go out into Hellas on their embassies, if this man, instead of undertaking to clear his record of the whole matter, shall ask us to specify the localities where he plied his trade, and to say whether the tax collectors have ever collected the prostitutes’ licence from him.

Internet History Sourcebooks Project

For the man who follows these practices recklessly and with many men and for pay seems to me to be chargeable with precisely this. But, not to delay, to the Clerk of the Cotirt call first, if you please, those who know that Timarchus here lived in the house of Misgolas, then read the testimony of Phaedrus, and, finally, please take the affidavit of Misgolas himself, in case fear of the gods, and respect for those who know the facts as well as he timadchus, and for the citizens at large and for you the jurors, shall persuade him to testify to the truth.


TroXXa irdvv rcov tcoivwv eiravop- dovcri. For who will not say, “And then do you thrust yourself into the market-place, do you put on a garland, do you attempt to do anything else that the rest of us do?

Itmarchus does he begin? For the words spoken before today about Timarchus and his practices were spoken because they were true; but what will be said today will be spoken because of the trial,and with intent to deceive you. He happens, indeed, to be of my own age, and was in the cadet corps with me; we are now in our forty-fifth year. But if she does attend, or does adorn herself, he commands that any man who meets her shall tear off her garments, strip her of tinarchus ornaments, and beat her only he may not kill or maim her ; for the lawgiver seeks to disgrace such a woman and make her life not worth the living.

Against Timarchus – Wikipedia

But since you do take refuge in the names of the lodgings, demanding that in our proof we specify every ti,archus house tumarchus you plied your timarchys, to such an argument as that you will never again resort, if you are wise, when you have heard what I am about to say.

Or Mnesitheus, known as the cook’s son? So now when Hegesandrus had won this glorious victory — without a fight! Depositions [] I will now show you that his father had not a timarchjs ready money, which the defendant has squandered.

For who will not say, “And then do you thrust yourself into the market-place, do you put on a garland, 1 do you attempt to do anything else that the rest of us do? At last they persuaded him to get up from tlmarchus altar, believing that he was going to receive some measure of justice. At the same time he called for- ward another of the Lacedaemonians, a certain man who was not gifted in speech, but brilliant in war and distinguished for justice and sobriety, timardhus he ordered him to express as best he could the same sentiments that the former orator had uttered, ” In order,” he explained, “that a good man may speak before the Lacedaemonians vote, but that they may not even receive into their ears the voices of proven cowards and rascals.

Two points of my plea remain, and I pray to all the gods and goddesses that I may be enabled to speak regarding them as I have planned to do, for the public good; and I should like you to give attention to what I am about to say, and to follow me with willing mind.


Every choregus who is appointed by the people shall be more than forty years of age.

For he is amazed, he says, if you do not all remember that every single year the senate farms out himarchus tax on prostitutes, and that the men who buy this tax do not guess, but know precisely, who they are that follow this profession. Of these, Eupolemus was the first to die, before the estate had been divided; next, Arizelus, the father of Timarchus.

Nay, the doom Appointed me at birth has yawned for me.

He gave nothing to Arignotus for his support, but was content to see zgainst, fallen from such wealth, now receiving the alms that the city gives to disabled paupers. I have never, fellow citizens, brought indictment against any Athenian, nor vexed any man when he was rendering account of his office 1 ; but in all such matters I have, as I believe, shown myself a quiet and modest man.

She also is divine.

Sex, Politics, and Disgust in Aeschines’ Against Timarchus

But what he is guilty of having done after he had reached years of dis- cretion, when he was already a youth, and yimarchus the laws of the state, that I will make the object of my accusation, and to that I call upon you to give serious attention. In the higher forms of reasoning he is less successful. How it was that the father became so well-to-do I will tell you.

Moreover, Aeschines is in general by no means as terse and vigorous as Demosthenes ; the modern critic is in some danger of making the orator’s style better than it really was.

But since the trial is at Athens, and you are at the same time judges and witnesses of the truth of what I say, it is my place to refresh your memory, and yours not to disbelieve me.

The knightly Peleus took me to his home And kindly reared me, naming me thy squire. After he had given you this information, ” What is it, fellow citizens,” said he, ” that I advise?

And when, on motion of Eubulus, it was voted to send ambassadors to the Greek states to invite them to a congress for concerted action toward Macedon — whether for war or peace — Aeschines was sent on one of the most important missions, that to Arcadia.