The Ahiman Rezon Pennsylvania Grand Lodge AHIMAN REZON or. BOOK OF THE CONSTITUTION of. THE RIGHT WORSHIPFUL GRAND LODGE of the. Most Ancient And honorAble frAternity of free And. AHIMAN REZON or The Book of Constitutions of the Antient Grand Lodge of England by Laurence DERMOTT.

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The title Ahiman Rezon has been often said to be of the Hebrew language and variously mean “to help tezon brother”, “will of selected brethren”, “The secrets of prepared brethren”, “Royal Builders” and “Brother Secretary”. Lastly, all who pleased of the common People were invited to enter, and Moses instructed them likewise in the same Manner as the rest; So that Aaron heard four Times what Moses had been taught by GOD upon Mount Sinai, Eleazar and Ithamar three times, the seventy elders twice, and the People once.

Exhibition – Ahiman Rezon: The Legacy of Laurence Dermott – The Library and Museum of Freemasonry

I have heard of many others of later Date not so far distant as Fequin 4 that have preferr’d to Places or Offices of great Trust, and dignified with Titles of Honour, without having the least Claim to Courage, Wit, Learning, or Honesty; therefore if such Occurrences be duly considered, I humbly conceive it will not deem’d as a capital Offence, that I should entertain my own perpetual Notion, while I do not endeavour to disinherit any Man of his Properties.

But before all other Examples, [2] let us consider that which excels all the rest, deriv’d ever from God himself. TO this Purpose St.

Concerning Grand Officers visiting Lodges, and by whom Lodges are to be constituted. The Wardens shall be true both to the Master and Fellows, taking Care of all Things both within and without the Lodge, especially in the Masters Absence; and their Brethren shall obey them.

Views Read Edit View history. As the Ahiman Rezon is not a secret, but a published book, and the above definition has been omitted from subsequent revisions of the book, the words were submitted to Hebrew scholars for translation upon the assumption that they are of Hebrew origin.

Full text of “Dermott L Ahiman Rezon “

The formation of the Ancient Grand Lodge brought together lodges and Masons who, believing themselves to be part of an older, original Masonic tradition, had chosen not to ally themselves with the previously formed Moderns Grand Lodge of Masters or Wardens of particular Lodges, shall never attend the Grand Lodge without their Jewels, except upon giving good and sufficient Reasons.

Speak thou art the elder; for it becometh thee; but with sound Judgment; and hinder not Music. Behaviour after the Lodge is closed, and the Brethren are gone You may enjoy yourselves with innocent Mirth, treating one another according to Ability, but avoiding all Excess; not forcing a Brother to eat or drink beyond his own inclination according to the old Regulation of King Ahasuerusnor hinder him from going home when he pleases; for though after Lodge-Hours you are like other Men, yet the Blame of your Excess may be thrown upon the Fraternity, though unjustly.

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But by Virtue of his Office, as Treasurer, without any other Qualification, he shall not vote in choosing a new Grand-Master and Grand-Wardens, tho’ in every other Transaction. I could mention many other Circumstances of the Excellency of Secrecy; and I dare venture to say that the greatest [9-C] Honour, Justice, Truth, and Fidelity, has been always found amongst those who could keep their own and others Secrets; and this is most nobly set forth by Horace, who says: The Petitioners also are to attend if in or adjacent to London except in Cases of Sickness, Lameness, or Imprisonment.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. None who make a stated Lodge without the Grand-Master’s Warrant, shall be admitted into regular Lodges, till they make due Submission and obtain Grace.

The Persons to whom I now speak, are Men of some Education, and an honest Character; but in low Circumstances; I say, let them first consider their Income and Family, and know that Free-Masonry requires Ability, Attendance, and a good Appearance, to maintain and support its ancient and honourable Grandeur. Lodge jurisdiction equal distance from each other 3 — See this explained in the Regulation for Charity.

This page was last edited on 3 Decemberat Indeed continued he there was one Flavius I think he was a Soldier took a great deal of Notice of the Temple, and other Matters about it; as did another Man, called Jerry; There were two others whose Names I have forgot, but remember one of them as an excellent Dreamer 8and the other was very handy in collecting all Manner of good Writing after the Captivity.

Every Brother should belong to some particular Lodge, and cannot be absent without incurring Censure, if not necessarily detained. NOR should we forget the faithful Anaxarchus as related by Pliny, in his seventh Book and twenty-third Chapter who was taken in order to force his Secrets from him, bit his Tongue in the Midst between his Teeth, and afterwards threw it in the Tyrant’s Face.

Part of a series on Freemasonry Overview. The reason why Laurence Dermott used it, and what it meant to him, remains a mystery. Shewing who should fill the Grand-Wardens Places when they are absent. To mark the th Anniversary of the publication of the first Book of Constitutions for the Antients Grand Lodge, the Library and Museum is putting on display its unique collection of editions of Ahiman Rezon.

I could say a great deal more on this Point, but I think the Regulations are sufficient, and therefore refer the Reader to the Perusal of them. After this Aaron placed himself at the Right-Hand of Moses, and Eleazar and Ithamar the Sons of Aaron were admitted, to whom Moses repeated what haiman had just before told to Aaron; These being seated, the one on the Right- Hand, the other on the Left-Hand of Moses, the seventy Elders of Israel, who composed the Sanhedrim, came in, and Moses declared again the same Laws to them, with the interpretations of them, as he ahijan done before to Aaron and his Sons.


A MASON is a Lover aihman Quiet; is always subject to the civil Powers, provided they do not infringe upon the limited Bounds of Religion ahimann Reason; And it was never yet known, that a real Craftsman was concerned in any dark Plot, Designs, or Contrivances against the State, because the Welfare of the Nation is his peculiar Care; so that from the highest to the lowest Step of Magistracy due regard and Deference is paid by him.

The End of reon old Regulations. The Library and Museum online catalogue lists all the editions of Ahiman Rezon held by the Library and Museum with further details. Their daring Insults and Attempts most bold?

But if that Nomination is not unanimously approved, the new Grand-Master shall be chosen immediately by Ballot, viz. But if that Reference is either impracticable or unsuccessful, and the Affair must be brought into the Courts of Law or Equity; yet still you must avoid all Wrath, Malice, and Rancour in carrying on your Suit; not saying or doing any Thing that may hinder the Continuance or Renewal of brotherly Love and Friendship, which is the Glory and Abiman of this ancient Fraternity; that we may shew to all the World the benign Influence of Masonry, as all wise, true and faithful Brethren have done from the Beginning of Time, and will do till Architucture shall be dissolved in the general Conflagration.

My next Step was to furnish myself with a sufficient Quantity of Pens, Ink, and Paper; This being done, I immediately fancied myself an Historian, and intended to trace Masonry not only to Adam in his sylvan Lodge in Paradise, but to give some Account of the Craft even before the Creation; and as a Foundation I placed ahimna following Works round about me, so as to be convenient to have Recourse to them as Occasion should require, viz. But Free and Accepted Masons shall not allow Cowans to work with them, nor shall they be employed by Cowans without an urgent Necessity; and even in that Case they must not teach Cowans, but must ahima a separate Communication; no Labourer shall be employed in the proper Work of Free-Masons.

General Ahiman Rezon

The Order of the Grand-Lodge, from pag. John’s Day happens on a Sunday, then the public Meeting shall be the next Monday. The Master and the Masons shall rezln finish the Lord’s Work, whether Task or Journey; nor shall they take the Work at Task, which hath been accustomed to Journey.