Devi Stotram – Sree Mahishaasura Mardini Stotram Lyrics in Kannada: ಅಯಿ ಗಿರಿನಂದಿನಿ ನಂದಿತಮೇದಿನಿ ವಿಶ್ವ-ವಿನೋದಿನಿ ನಂದನುತೇ. 27 ನವಂ ಮಹಿಷಾಸುರ ಮರ್ದಿನಿ ಸ್ತೋತ್ರಮ್‌ ||. ಅಯಿಗಿರಿ ನಂದಿನಿ ನಂದಿತ ಮೇದಿನಿ ವಿಶ್ವ ವಿನೋದಿನಿ ನಂದನುತೇ. 29 ಅಕ್ಟೋ Mahishasura Mardini Stotram Lyrics in Kannada PDF. % File name: mahisha\ % Location: doc\_devii.

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Thanks a million for sharing.

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Aigiri Nandini with Lyrics: : Appstore for Android

Iagiri Choklate FM Official. Keep up the good work. I sure will post the lyrics in Kannada once I take the screen shots from my book. Please send me the Ayigiri nandini sotram in malayalm text pdf.


Sree Mahishaasura Mardini Stotram Lyrics in Kannada and English With Meaning

In live telecast of maa vaishnodevi aartii heard Mahishasur mardini stotra ,I wanted to chant this mantraI found this script. Your blog is very informative and most of the lyrics are at one place. Dear Meera, thanks for the great post. Namaste Sister, Thanks a lot for doing such a wonderful work.! Posted by subhikksha on January 8, at Posted by Rubini on September 21, at 5: Posted by Sindhu on February 16, at Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Another story tells Chamundeshwari killed Mahisha, the demon king, after a fierce battle, and hence she is also known as Mahishasuramardini.

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Mahishasura Mardini Stotram Lyrics in Kannada Archives – Vaidika Samhita

Not so fluent in Hindi. Posted by manikanth on October 5, at 1: You can increase the font in any browser.

Will you kindly send me either the stotra or the link from where I can copy it please. Victory and victory to you, Oh darling daughter nandino the mountain, Ohmother of the entire world, Who loves to live in the forest of Kadambha trees, Who enjoys to smile, Who lives in the top peak of the great Himalayas Who is sweeter than honey, Who keeps the treasures of Madhu and Kaidabha, Who is the slayer of Kaidabha, Who enjoys her dancing, Who has captivating braided hair, Who is the daughter of a mountain.


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On all these ten days, the various forms of Mother Mahisasuramardini Durga are worshipped with fervour and devotion. Hi,thanks,i ws looking for this ,i got it ,the pronunciation is somewhat southindian is there a version by lataji or anuradhaji or some other singer regds, kaul Reply. Be the first to review this item.