NOVEL: Dikmen Yıldızı (Summit Star, ), Odun Kokusu (Smell of Wood, ) , Tang-Tango (Tang-Tango, ), Bir Şoförün Gizli Defteri (The Secret. The first case in which the departure of the Greeks is encountered is in the novel by Aka Gündüz (–) The Star of Dikmen (Dikmen Yıldızı) published in. “The Enemy Within: Aka Gündüz’s The Star of Dikmen as an Example of Turkish National Romances”. Erol Köroğlu (Koroglu). Uploaded by. E. Köroğlu (Koroglu).

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For more details see Millas In them men and hndz live together. The concept of a civil society does not come through in these texts. Based on my study of the random sample this is almost all that has been produced on the exchange during the fifty-five years that followed it. The question is why should Anatolia be more a home.

The Exchange of Populations in Turkish Literature

Repeatedly the Rums are shown to have taken part in the wars that the Diimen fought ibid.: For the subjugated Christians in the Ottoman Empire, sovereignty was inconceivable, in the same way that absence of sovereignty was for the Muslims who were their overlords. Kazantzakis, I Adelphophades ; M. In these texts the Rums are either loyal or disloyal to the state in their totality, as a group. Ngdz, Stou Hatzifrangou ; F.

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The past is explored as the two men recall various incidents. Historically both have been captured by force and, moreover, the hero was born and brought up in Crete. He has also had qka in short stories about the lands where his parents had lived, Makedonya The members of his family still speak Greek amongst themselves, which reminds the locals of the Greek invasion of This issue is the subject of extensive discussion, particularly by Turkish intellectuals, but also by Islamists, Kurds, nationalists, Kemalists, and others.

The message that the reader discerns from this passage, reflecting a nationalistic point of view, is that all sacrifices are worth the effort in order to free the city from its unwelcome enemies. The Turks captured Crete from the Venetians: When the Rums lived there the town was almost a paradise.

The relations between Rums and Turks are idyllic on the island — it is as if nationalism had never existed in Anatolia. However, it is of interest at this point to note that the boundaries of the home country are not defined: The first is perceived as the place where the Muslims live in peace and harmony whereas in the second the inhabitants are called harbii.

Dikmen Yıldızı

Firstly, while the Greeks would be justified in perceiving the event as the result of a military defeat and hence as a blow to their pride, the Turks see the exchange as the outcome of a military victory: It is the first book which has as its main theme the migration and exile of Greeks and Turks. However, most important of all, the hero the author explains that Anatolia is the motherland of his ancestors.


The reader is led to feel pity for the people who had to leave their home country. See if you have enough points for this item. See Millas Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori.

Lena, for example, explains how her sons fought together with Mustafa Kemal against the Greeks ibid.: To whom do these places belong? The Muslims moved ylz newly captured lands and, following state directions, moved away again when these lands were lost as a result of a military defeat.

Milto, a civilian, but one who has apparently served in the Turkish army, faces the officer as a soldier at attention. In Greece, one finds many societies, foundations, etc. Myrivilis, To Prasino Vivlio ; K. In essence, mention of the event is taboo. We appreciate your feedback.

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Secondly, there is an almost complete absence of descriptions of the life of the immigrants in their former homeland, i. However, the motherland was always present: Historically, settlements were planned by the Ottoman state. As was seen both in A.