Albert Mathiez was born to an innkeeper’s family at La Bruyère in eastern France on Jan. 10, He graduated from the École Normale in After teaching. Albert Mathiez, an Historian at War. James Friguglietti. The present great war will not only change the face of the world in which we live. It will also transform our. Albert Mathiez, his pupil in method, and for the last twenty years the antagonist of his point of view, was struck down by apoplexy in the middle of a lecture on

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His political position was hardened by the tragedy of World War I, which he condemned as an imperialistic and reactionary war, not unlike the Revolutionary Wars of the s.

They move along the same problems in an analogous atmosphere. Likewise the need for a repressive apparatus, the administrative machinery of government, never fully fades. Georges Lefebvre recognized no master other than him. For Marx and Engels, then, a society in which the state endures — much less the church — cannot be called emancipated.

The end of the nineteenth century nevertheless saw the acceleration of the progress of the capitalist economy, and its domain little by little extend until it dominated every continent. Whatever one might think of this doctrine it cannot be denied that it stimulated historical research and oriented it towards new paths. Mathiez emphasized class conflict.

Perhaps this is too literal, though, reading too much into too little. He showed himself fair regarding Robespierre during the crisis of the summer of ; he no longer understood him starting with the great trials of the spring of It is a starting point more than an arrival point. He published many studies of Robespierre, but no complete biography.


As for Albert Mathiez: To be convinced of this it suffices to refer to the labors of Philippe Sagnac, who cannot be suspected of complacency towards historical materialism and socialism: The French Revolution has often been presented as the crowning achievement of the century matjiez the Enlightenment and thus essentially as an ideological act.

After graduation, he passed the aggregation in history, and after doing his military service, entered the teaching profession.

Albert Mathiez

Revolutionary government had as its inevitable accompaniment the Terror. He used his scholarship on the Revolution to demonstrate that, just as Revolutionary France had defeated the Allied coalition in the s, so too the Third Republic would triumph over imperial Germany.

He was not able to separate himself from a legend that was commonly accepted. How could anyone accuse of treason and baseness the man who, before dying, leaves such a secret to posterity? And marhiez just Russian and French society but of society in general.

Long before me the bourgeois historians had described the historical development of the class struggle. Albert Mathiez in Modern Language Association http: And in his eyes this history was dominated by the evolution of ideas.

No less scandalously, at least from a Marxist perspective, secular institutions — i.

Albert Mathiez – Wikidata

When he began to separate himself for his teacher it was on a question of political history: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, for example, scolded their Hegelian colleague, Georg Daumer, for promoting a new pantheistic creed. That dry-hearted generation was no longer capable of understanding the great men of the Revolution, who were so different from them.


Who would say that his example no longer needs to be recalled, that there are no lessons to be drawn from his life or politics? It is this triple heritage that we intend to sustain and promote. An arrival point and a departure point: Over and above such heady speculations, then, the historical analogy he offers in his article may be scrutinized to see if it is apt. Mathiez argued that these cults were profoundly related to the Revolutionaries’ views of the role of religion in society.

A response to Harrison Fluss. But thrown into the liberal combat against reaction and strong in their bourgeois consciousness, the historians insisted on the class character of the Revolution. For and Against trans.

Originally published by the Communist League Tampa. Mathiez was combative, short-tempered and unabashedly Marxist.

At the turn of the century some were not far from considering the economic policies of the Committee of Public Safety as a preliminary outline of collectivism. It is significant that it was during the First World War that Mathiez understood the economic necessities for conducting a great national war and the requirement of a controlled economy; he then wrote the studies that formed, in mxthiez, The High Cost of Living and the Social Movement during the Terror.

He complimented the policies of the Terror, arguing that the cost of living for ordinary Parisians fell more during than any other time. They are animated by the same apbert.