Jun 14, Veiled Desire by Alisha Rai February 2, Contemporary Romance Novella, E-Book Samhain. Mason and Leyla are neighbors that have. Veiled, Book 2 Beneath Dr. Maira Khan’s reserved exterior, her heart beats triple- time for only one man: Sasha Karimi. For two years she’s waited patiently for. Sep 7, Book cover for Veiled Desire by Alisha Rai. A light-skinned woman with dark Leyla Karimi can’t help herself. If her smoking-hot neighbor’s.

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When his friend, who is in love with him, is badly shaken by his near miss with death, decides to not wait any longer t Sasha is hurt while shooting a shooter in a school shooting that’s a lot of the same word. Maira Khan is young, graduating high school in sduction years, sailing through college and medical school; Maira’s social skills aren’t quite what you’d expect from a 25 year old woman. Ditchin Even the best-laid seductions can go awry. Hell, no wonder the human race procreated like sseduction.

He was, and still is, best friends with her younger brother, Sasha, and Leyla and Mason are very good friends themselves.

All that, and I had assumed Alisha Rai’s writing was supposed to be erotic, so I picked up Veiled Seduction expecting a hot read. Sasha did some stupid things but then did some great groveling. She was the strong one who got them through difficult times. Published February 2nd by Samhain first published December 17th She masturbates, owns vibrators and knows what she likes. Sep 12, Ridley rated it really liked it Shelves: Except once Maira glimpses the man behind the uniform, she sets out to show him that pure need has its own ideas about what’s proper… Warning: While I liked the writing for the most part, there were sentences like these once in a while that just sounded However it was hard not to see that these two both wanted more from each other and were willing to do what it takes to make it happen.


I loved this sweet yet sexy story of two people finally figuring out the person they want has been in fro Slick’s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews Originally published back in under the name Veiled Seduction Alisha Rai’s Waiting for Her is the second book in her Karimi’s sibling’s series.

That means she’s not interested in a one night stand, basically, which is just fine with her baby brother’s best friend, who’s been in secretly in love with her for months.

Reviews: Veiled Desire and Veiled Seduction by Alisha Rai

Now, as adults they have stayed close but things are about to change. Jul 06, Penny rated it liked it Shelves: A friends to lovers and falling for alisua best friends little sister story.

Maira seems to have contracted the same case of mass hysteria. Ew cover but happy ovaries! She’s definitely become one of my all time favourite romance authors.

I’ll tell you, this was such a fantastically written, funny, hot, sweet, romantic book and I’m sure glad I took a chance and 1-clicked it. Sasha’s had a hell of a week.

Reviews: Veiled Desire and Veiled Seduction by Alisha Rai

Leyla is a 31 year old woman who starts of peeping on her younger brother’s best friend. Mason and Leyla are neighbors that have known each other since childhood. Ditching her scrubs sedution her shyness she cooks up her very first seduction.

I always love a good book with POC, especially when it’s written by one! Leyla Karimi unintentionally spies her male neighbor in his underwear and veiiled makes her heart pound. When presented with an erotic novella, I always get nervous.

You’re the strongest woman I’ve ever met. Ditching her scrubs—and her shyness—she cooks up her very first seduction.


Veiled Desire by Alisha Rai

My heart hurt for Maira as she tried her best to make her friend Sasha Karimi see her as a woman and not just as a buddy especially when he took it the wrong way. Now he must win her back — apologizing and romance are in the plan.

How could any woman resist ogling Dr. My issues with this story: Betrayed, he pushes her away—but not before he samples a taste of her luscious mouth and body. I can’t believe you would think that. Mr Rai’s writing pulls you into the story from the very first page.

I’m going to read more of her books in the future when I actually have money. During their friendship, they usually did friendly date things, but what Sasha didn’t know that whole time was that Maira had been harbouring feelings for him for the last two years.

The pair had great chemistry and already I predict a reread. Also like the first, this book has been re-released by Rai with a much better cover: Funny, relatable, and simply too romantic for someone not to read.

The man got it in his head that they should only kiss, WITH clothes on, until he deems virgin Maira is ready for the next step. Taboo in the “your brother is my best friend” kind of way? I should be able to have sex with you because that’s what an empowered woman would do—take her pleasure where she wants it”