DESIGNED TO GO WHEREVER INSPIRATION TAKES YOU The alula-TREK is the latest version of the the world’s most popular bird-inspired RC glider. I probably shouldn’t be posting this before the maiden but whatever Blues Alula is just to sexy. Sexy and very time consuming to build/sand so. Just built myself a little micro glider, its based on a popular Alula DLG. Its a fun little plane to trow around the backyard. My friend recorded

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I was obsessed with alula clones for a while.

Dream-Flight Alula | Flite Test

I am worried alu,a spray paint because my test have had bleading in a spot or two even when I check and check and check for good adheasion. Oimmuk on April 23, I opted to use just a permanent marker for color to reduce weight. I know I could have improved on the construction, so if anyone has feedback or suggestions, please voice yourself!

Hope it flies well for you. Share This Page Tweet. Include a short peg for throwing it.

Jul 14, I think building it with the clear tape is the best for now. Sep 18, I just need to temper my impatience a bit. But this time, I actually think I have something to give back or rather share. This I am sure was down to building the wing as I would my powered KF designs with fairly deep steps and steps on top and as you can see on the bottom. I never really have too much to offer RCG.


This position is just slightly nose-heavy but very close to neutral. Its better make the depth slightly over size, then cut down after youve fitted your gear. Subscribe Now 13 issues delivered to your door.

Remember Me Forgot Password? I would like to do it without tape, keep it light and protected What do you think? There is no great difficulty, all the layers were cut to full size so when laminated the LE was just a squared off shape.

Dreamflight has announced that they will be producing a new batch of Alula’s soon Log In to reply. I can appreciate the FPVLAB ink too – stickers are at the shop, so they should be calling me anytime soon – I will make them free for all members.

Micro Alula glider

Great, are there any other discus launch gliders that you really like FT? Some glue and just a small touch of re-inforcement in the form of glass tape has made the model ready to go again. However, the “factory” is shutdown for expansion, with no date given for restarting production. And I must say it was awesome. I am pretty sure its 40” I think I will go simple somthing like this.

Dream-Flight Alula

My little alula was able to function in the slope and with the help of couple experienced slopers we dialed the cg and throws for sloping and man it was a blast to fly As I might have mentioned Im absolutely inexperiences in soaring, slope or thermal, and Ppans never had an unpowered glider before.

  ABB E251 230 PDF

Because these gliders have dihedral built in, you have to take extra special care when laminating the wing. If you’re looking for a budget glider you may want to check out the Medicine Man from Realkits.

The receiver area was hollowed out a bit as per manual recommendation – to house a Corona RSII 6 Channel 35mHz Receiver – weighing in at just over 6 grams or so.

The cut ran perpendicular to the hinge line.

Do you know if it dries clear and doesn’t distort the markers? Sign up now to remove ads between posts. From a 6 ft high, level, toss I can get ft of distance. I used an Azarr microantenna, which I embedded in the LE of the wing prior to the glassing process. They call this the “urban glider”, due to its ability to soar in the most unconventional of locations. This carbon tow is very important since it reinforces the pod on launch.

Foamy Alula – Scratch Build

Files View all Files in thread. I like its “bite” on the aluka better than a round rod. Now after thinking about it a while I got some questions about coverings.