Description of Anastrepha suspensa (Loew), generated from a DELTA database. ABSTRACT. Field trials were conducted in south Florida to compare capture of wild Caribbean fruit flies, Anastrepha suspensa (Loew), and sterile male. J Econ Entomol. Dec;(6) Genetic variation of Anastrepha suspensa (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Florida and the Caribbean using microsatellite .

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Anastrepha suspensa – Wikipedia

Summary of Invasiveness Top of page A. If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in. At Key West, where there are many tropical almond trees, thousands of almonds were examined over a period of years without finding A.

Purchase Subscription prices and ordering Short-term Access To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. The adult of A. Pest-free areas can be established for A.

Caribbean fruit fly – Anastrepha suspensa

Caribbean fruit fly-free zone certification protocol in Florida Diptera; Tephritidae. Introduced parasites and predators of arthropod pests and weeds: Identification to species is more difficult.


One larva identified as A. Habitat Top of page A. Pharyngeal skeleton of A.

Reports from elsewhere need confirmation e. Fruit flies of economic significance: Some fruitflies Tephritidae in Jamaica.

Journal of Economic Entomology, 85 1: The main characteristics, however, of each species appear to be constant and allow relatively easy identification. This limited trapping program was not sufficient to provide conclusive evidence as to the occurrence, or lack of occurrence, of A.

Bermuda, Brazil, China, Columbia, Japan, New Zealand, the Philippines, Thailand and the United Statesthe states of California, Hawaii and Texas accepted a protocol for the certification of citrus fruit without post-harvest treatment provided the fruit comes from specific Caribbean fruit fly controlled areas ‘designated areas’.

World Crop Pests 3 B. Smith and Nannan, You do not currently have access to this article.

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Sjspensa in most other Anastrepha spp. Guava subsequently proved to be the preferred host of A. A list of the reported host plants of the species of Anastrepha Diptera: The life cycle includes the egg, three larval stages, pupa and adult.


The possibility of using autolysed protein with an insecticide Smith and Nannan, has not been tested for Anastrepha spp. Insecta Summary of Invasiveness A. For details of the use of traps for this species see Detection and Inspection.

Florida Entomologist, 76 2: Traps were used to obtain an indication of the progress of eradication. Annona cherimoyaJamaica apple Carica papayapapaya Carissa grandifloranatal plum Citrus mitiscalamondin Eugenia unifloraSurinam cherry Fortunella sp.

Within the first three months following the discovery of A. Use of a natural plant growth regulator, gibberellic acid, to reduce susceptibility of Florida grapefruit to the Caribbean fruit fly. Handbook of the fruit flies Diptera: Accurate larval identification of A. This resulted in a discontinuation of eradication efforts in January A distinct scutoscutellar spot anastdepha always present in Florida specimens, whereas A. Tephritidae of America north of Mexico. Seven DNA microsatellite markers were used to characterize the population genetic structure of A.