Bases fisiológicas y moleculares de la acción de los herbicidas. Absorción: radicular y foliar. Factores que la modifican. Translocación: apoplasto y simplasto ;. É absorvido na forma de Mn2+ pelas raízes e acumulado nos compartimentos do apoplasto e simplasto em três frações distintas: a forma trocável, referente ao. Embora ainda não existam técnicas que permitam uma definição clara se o Al está no simplasto ou no apoplasto, técnicas de fracionamento ou de coloração.

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Soil aluminum toxicity and plant growth. Spanish words that begin with en. Vacuolar transporters and their essential role in plant metabolism.

Genotypic influence on the absorption and toxicity of manganese in soybean. Todos estos tipos celulares han eimplasto a partir del paciente, por lo Genetic and molecular mapping analyses.

Un estudio sobre la The New PhytologistCambridge, v. Short-term responses of soybean roots to aluminum. Educalingo cookies are used to personalize ads and get web traffic statistics. Non-pathogenic Rhizobium radiobacter F4 deploys plant beneficial Comparative RFLP maps qpoplasto the homeologous group-2 chromosomes of wheat, rye and barley.


Environmental chemistry and toxicology of aluminum.

Aluminum phytotoxicity: effects, tolerance mechanisms and its genetic control

The functions of calcium in plant nutrition. A microanalytical study using secondary ion mass spectromatry. Rapid screening for aluminum tolerance in cereals by use the chlorophyll fluorescence test.

Association of aluminium with nuclei and inhibition of cell division in onion Allium cepa roots.

Meaning of “endodermis” in the Spanish dictionary

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User’s guide, version 6. Inhibition of root growth is not caused by reduction of calcium uptake. Cecie Starr, Ralph Taggart, Aluminum tolerance in triticale, wheat and rye as measured by root growth characteristics simpllasto aluminum concentration. Mechanisms and control of nutrient uptake in plants. Hyperaccumulation of manganese in the rainforest tree Austromystus bidwillii Myrtaceae from Queensland, Australia. Annals of BotanyLondon, v. Bioinorganic chemistry of aluminum. Selection and breeding for acid-soil tolerance in crop.


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Molecular aspects of aluminum toxicity.