Abstract. This paper reviews the state of the art of Object-Oriented Database Management. Systems (OODBMS). The objective of this paper is to provide the. Some basic questions about OODBMS architecture: Do all OODBMS systems have a common set of underlying principles? (In the same way as relational DBMS. OO+DBMS=OODBMS which clearly shows that it is mixture. of both object .. affect the entire architecture of the database but in OODBMS this.

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This has led to clumsy programmers’ options, which collectively have been referred to as “impedance mismatch”. In the data structure links are implemented as logical pointers bi-directional or uni-directional.

Codd’s 12 rules of relational systems have notoriously been violated by vendors of commercial systems, which have attached the buzzword “relational” to offered database products, sometimes with little technical justification. They can outlive programs, which created these objects. This research is carried on by the author of this paper [Subi95, Subi97] and some other authors. In such a case these values are not directly accessible, but exclusively by methods.

They are developed mainly at universities although PJama is developed by Sun, and there are some startup companies, such as Higher Order Inc. Actually, there is no agreement concerning their precise definition. Minimizing the distance between these three views of designers’ and programmers’ thinking referred to as “conceptual modeling” is considered the major factor reducing the complexity of the analysis, design, construction and maintenance of the software.

Be sure to check the menu at the left for other articles available on this site. Despite a lot of commercial confusion and despite the object-relational rivals, object databases are already successfully applied in various practical areas.

For many years the professionals have pointed out the negative syndrom that is referred to as “software crisis”. A lot of research and development from architectur industry and academia is devoted to various aspects of object-relational and object-oriented DBMS. The schema is necessary to understand what the database contains and how is organized. However, some part of the critique of object-oriented query languages is unfortunately true. Nevertheless the interest to the standard from wide academic and industrial communities creates a big hope that further standard releases will be much improved.


Object-oriented models offer notions that enable the analyst and designer to map the business problem to the abstract conceptual schema better.

It is intended to be independent of any programming language as far as possible. ODL is used to determine the structure of a database, i. Technical details assumed by designers in particular models, languages and products make concepts with the same name class, type, ADT, lf. There are several views. Stability of the vendors. Unfortunately, in this role SQL is not sufficiently powerful, hence it must be coupled with some universal programming language, e.

This especially concerns SQL-based systems.

Classes are organized in a hierarchy reflecting the hierarchy of real world concepts. Hence, they will ask for a “core” subset of SQL3, i. This suggests that the standard is too early and immature, but probably, from oobms point of view of the commercial competition, this is another part of the game.

At that time the relational model eventually won, but some of its promises have never been accomplished. Maturity of the technology. There are several semi-formal notations and methodologies e.

These include architecturre support for multimedia, Web, temporal and spatial data, data warehouses architevture others. The object performs the operation after receiving a message with the name of operation to be performed and parameters of this operation.

The concept of “object” is a kind of idiom or metaphor that addresses the human psychology and the way humans perceive the real world and think. Of course, this is not an argument against SQL3 actually nobody cares about the rulesbut shows that SQL3 follows ot very eclectic idea.

This research and development paradigm started in architectuer camp of programming languages. Various products present the choice of quite random, redundant, limited and sometimes inconsistent features. The major disadvantage of them is loose coupling of OQL with a programming language, which leads to the infamous effect referred to as “impedance mismatch”.

Second, a controversy is caused by the fact, that research and development concerning a new programming language is carried on in the standardization office, which status does not provide this kind of activity and which has incompatible competence.


The field of object-oriented databases object bases has emerged as the convergence of several research and development threads, including new tendencies in object-oriented programming languages, software engineering, multimedia, distributed systems, Web, as well as the traditional relational database technologies.

More advanced are the three-tier architecture and architecfure architecture, oodbbms layers tiers of a user interface and a database are separated by one or more layers devoted to business logic. The class is understood as a blueprint for objects; i.

Object-Oriented Database Management System (OODBMS) Definition

The user can also declare derived virtual attributes of a table, i. Many professionals are trying to assign strong, technical criteria to this buzzword, allowing us to distinguish the “object-oriented” systems oocbms others.

This paradigm shift sooner or later will push the relational model to the intellectual “underground” as it has already happened with the hierarchical and network database modelsi. The object-orientedness, which follows the natural human psychology, is considered as a new hope to reduce the complexity; in consequence, to reduce the software crisis.

The first release is expected in midalthough this term is not sure. One strong argument used by oodbme relational camp was that there was no reasonable definition of the object-database concept “you guys don’t even know what you’re talking about”, object-orientation presents “silly exercises in surface syntax”. Lack of commonly accepted definitions concerning the object model is wrchitecture a weakness of object-orientation in databases.

Object-Oriented Database Management System (OODBMS) Definition

Some new idea in this respect is presented by a research line, which postulates building an integrated query and programming language. The relational vendors have financial power, the ownership of the already existing software development base, and a position as well as big authority on the market.

For this reason the standard is considered very important for future object bases.