I got real stupid last week and decided that I would save some money and build my own home theater speakers. I ordered the Audax kit from. This superb design was borrowed from Wayne J.’s great DIY resource, . After extensive listening in comparison to my Audax home theater system that has. I have created a PDF of the Audax webpages concerning the DIY Home Theatre Kit, I basically copied and pasted into Word, but I’ve preserved.

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This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you theatfe in if you register. I also have several sets of extra drivers packed away in case I ever blew one.

My attempt at a DIY Home Theater – Album on Imgur

After the paint has dried, you can begin setting up your speakers, screen, and projector. Teatre hope someone can dig them up for me, I’m making the enclosure now with the help of a friend Thanks! I’m not into design software, but rather looking for some plans that have been proven winners.

There are a couple of places you can purchase the cabinet already assembled and ready to install the drivers and crossovers. Selecting the Right Materials and Sound Systems There are many options for the types of projectors, televisions, and speakers that you use.

Welcome Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

If you choose to use typical surround sound, you will need to theater a receiver that connects to the rest of your system. I glued the ports on the back baffle using liquid nails. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s big height. Since materials cost vary from region to region, your cost may differ somewhat.


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For a more intense, realistic experience, you can even install floor lighting using low-voltage lights that can be kept on the entire time. For the average home theater, the best screen size is about to inches. That’s because the large diyy are forced to reproduce the midrange voices as well as any lower frequencies.

Start building the speaker This speaker should kick out db SPL in an average sized room. Well hime which one sounded better? Originally Posted by Ted White Looking for plans for very high quality theater speakers.

The woofer board calls for 10 ohm, 25 watt resistors. The center speaker should be placed directing above or below the viewing screen.

Couple of threads for the same Audax HT speakers that I built

Neat to see people still interested in this thread. I then assembled the sub-enclosure sides and back separately. The basic components of a home theater are easy to find at any big box store or building materials store. Doug Fraser is offline. Check out your space to see if it will fit in your home theater setup. Mods, please delete this post since I posted in wrong thread.

Here are the schematics for the woofer, midrange, adax tweeter crossovers, respectively Courtesy of Audax America. I then drilled a small hole small enough for four wires to make their way through on the side of the sub-enclosure, and routed the wires to be connected to the midrange driver from the crossover through homw hole.


R5 Resistor 2 Ohms; 12 Watts. I increased the thickness of the front and rear panels so I wouldn’t have to add any braces across the depth of the cabinet. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Since the bottom of the cabinet is going to sit flat on top of the TV, routing the bottom isn’t necessary. If you go to the Audax website, you’ll find a picture layout of the crossovers to get a feel for how the parts will be arranged on the board.

It should be set off from the rest of the house or the main rooms so that everyone else is not disturbed by the loud noises.

Thanks for posting these. For the right experience, you need to set up recessed lighting in the ceiling. This was important in my project because I planned to add acoustical foam to the sides, back, and top of the cabinet.

Starting to take shape. It’s important to use good quality crossover components. Dark Light Custom Preview. You can still see the wood grain, and I liked that. The sound After breaking in the drivers for a few weeks, I sat down and did some serious listening.

Creating a cheap DIY home theater system can be done on any budget. When dih the joints were dry, I backed out all the screws and filled them with wood patch.