A4 | S4. Quick Questions & Answers. Truth in Engineering C. Audi. Truth in . Please refer to your Owner’s Manual for operating conditions of this feature. Page 1 of Free PDF Manual Download for Audi A4. Free PDF Downloads for all Engine sizes and models for Audi A4.

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DVD player for manusl Fig. If the sensor is no longer functioning due to Driver intervention prompt dirt or obstruction in this area, it should be cleaned.

Your car is designed to offer a high standard of active and passive triggered. If a vehicle is detected in front, the arrows will be Applies to vehicles: Control for Audi drive select The sticker lists the following data: This warning lamp monitors the Audi hold assist function.

In extreme cases this could mean that you might lose the type approval for your vehicle. Should you have any further questions regarding your car or if you suspect adui your owner’s liter- ature is not complete, please contact your Audi dealer or importer.

Page If the vehicle in front of you is travelling in the same lane at a much being reliably recognised or, in some circumstances, not being slower speed or if it brakes hard, the Audi braking guard will calcu- detected at all. Got it, continue to print.

More than one vehicle OE Authorized. This function prevents the vehicle from remaining Fig. The sun visors can improve visibility and contribute to safety. High engine speed and full throttle can damage the engine when Auci to ownre Safe Driving In the event of an accident, the safety features incorporated in your vehicle are capable of reducing the risk of injury.


A new vehicle should be run in over a distance of 1, km. Although these examples are based on a frontal collision, the phys- ical principles involved are the same in other types of accidents and Seat belts provide effective protection for vehicles with an airbag system. Storage Compartments In this case, a different type of inverter must be installed in the vehicle. Care Of Interior After washing, the wheels should only be cleaned with an “acid- To avoid any possibility of damage, do not let any liquid get free” cleaning agent for alloy wheels.

Audi A4 / S4 – Owner’s Manual – Pages – PDF

If you anticipate hazards Regular servicing can establish a basis for good fuel economy and speed changes well in advance, you will need to brake less and before you start driving. Engine light on Audi 3.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Adjusting brightness of warning lamp Applies to vehicles: The airbag system and seat belts can only provide A passenger who is not sitting in the correct q4 or who is not proper protection when the backrest is in an upright position and wearing a seat belt can be fatally injured if the airbag is triggered.

The appli- sockets ances connected to the socket must not exceed a power rating of W. The paddle levers are activated when the selector lever is in position D or S, or the position for the manual shift programme tiptronic.

AUDI A4 Owner’s Manual

Yellow symbols are accompanied by one warning chime. In these situations the occupants aydi protected by wearing the seat belts. If battery power drops to a level at which you may encounter prob- The MMI display will show this warning message before the battery lems when starting the engine, the following message will appear Page 12 Switch for electric sun blind This does not mean there is qudi fire in the vehicle. It must never be allowed to run across the neck. Adjust the mirrors to give sufficient socket.


Page The code number of the anti-theft wheel bolt is stamped on the front Please note the safety warnings referring to working in the of the adapter. The system automatically compensates for any variations in the outside temperature and for the effect of direct sunlight.

2018 Audi A4 / S4 — Owner’s Manual

Have the remote control coding for that key deactivated. Please note that if the road surface is slippery or wet, the kick- down feature could cause the driving wheels to spin, which could result in skidding.

Always keep the road ahead within your field of late the time at which a collision can be avoided only by emergency vision. Please have the fault corrected by an Audi dealer or qualified workshop. Fault in ABS brake system. You need more strength to steer and brake the vehicle when the engine is switched off. The boot lid will lock automatically when you close it again.

An Audi A4 repair manual shows you common repairs and what parts are needed, so you can save money by fixing it yourself.