This site hosts documentation for openSUSE and SLES/SLED related products AutoYaST: AutoYaST Reference Manual; Zypp: libzypp Documentation; libyui. It contains additional information about how AutoYaST should handle this module. E.g. if an entry will be created when the AutoYaST configuration file will be. Bugs. Bugs are reported via and assigned to autoyast- [email protected] Changing official SLES Documentation. The official SLES .

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Unless you have some special requirements, do autiyast specify the boot loader configuration in the XML file. Only set to false if you want to carry out a fully unattended installation.

DEBUG is used to enable or disable debugging messages from the fcoe service script and fcoemon.

During validation misplaced or missing tags and attributes and wrong attribute values are detected. The following sections explain how to create, configure, and assign AutoYaST and kickstart bundles:.

The installation is defined by an XML configuration file usually named autoinst. History of pipes concept: Use the YaST Squid configuration module to get an overview of possible entries. You would create a rules file with two different rules. Masquerading needs at least one external interface and one other not external interface.

Supported options are shell, perl and python if installed. As long as at least one disk is still working, no data is lost.


AutoYaST Development – Yast Documentation

If this is a physical partition used by part of a volume group LVMyou need to specify the name of the volume group here. It is possible to set the size to max for the logical volumes.

The following is an example of the configuration file for the NIS module: This example shows the most commonly used options in the general section. They are concatenated by a documenyation space character on the script command line.

AutoYaST Development

Default is the type of the script pre-scripts in this case. If set to trueautomatically searches for operating systems already installed and generates boot entries for them during the installation.

Specify the NTP server with which to synchronize time before starting the installation. If set to trueAutoYaST will accept signed files even when the verification of the signature failed. Hence, a need arises to automate this parameter and option selection. Path to the network installation directory relative to protocol: All run-time configuration modules are contained in the configure resource.

If you edit an existing control file or create a control file using an editor from scratch, it is strongly recommended to dcumentation the control file. This information is optional, but you should at least provide path or file.

The second key is remove which contains packages that should be removed to avoid conflicts with other packages. A rule match occurs when the target system matches all system attributes defined in the rule.


The site contain some broken links as it develops like a living tree If you set this to truethe machine will shut down at the very end of the installation when everything is installed and configured at the end of the second stage.

A script is provided for this task which will query packages available in the repository and create documentaiton package database.

Using the fingerprint is recommended, since it ensures the SSL certificate is verified. Init scripts are configured using the tag init-scripts and are run using the special purpose init.

Instead of rebooting into stage two, the machine is turned off. A host address will be allowed if network is equal to the bitwise AND of the host’s address and the netmask. An integer that configures LVM striping. Flash disks can also store the control file.

The following simple example illustrates how the rules file is used to retrieve the configuration for a client with known hardware. If having specified more than one init script, you must set a unique name for each script. In a non-trusted network or over Internet you should get the fingerprint directly on the server.

This setting will not have effect if import is set to false.