Basic circuit theory. Front Cover. Charles A. Desoer, Ernest S. Kuh. McGraw-Hill, – Technology & Engineering – pages. Basic Circuit Theory. • I • I. Charles A. Desoer • and. Ernest S. Kuh. Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences University of California. Basic Circuit Theory by Ernest S. Kuh, Charles A. Desoer from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping. Cash On.

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Consider the tree shown in Fig. In this section we shall vesoer four descriptions of this kind. Thus, linear time-varying resistors can be used to generate or convert sinusoidal signals. We summarize the results in this section by the following statement. The polynomialp can be found by substituting in 16 and equating coefficients of like powers oft. The key result may now be cifcuit. Indeed, writing the Kirchhoff voltage law for the circuit in Fig.

Basic Circuit Theory : Charles Desoer :

We want to give the student an ability to write the differential equations of any reasonably complicated circuit, including ones with nonlinear and time-varying elements. Neglect fringing, assume infinite planar plates, and calculate the force per unit area.

The reference directions are shown in Fig. Indeed, not only do the voltage sources and the current sources deliver energy to the circuit but also the mechanical forces that cause the elements to change their values.

The two other conventional two-port parameters are called the transmission parameters. Conversely, if at any time the characteristic is not a straight line through the origin of the uq plane, the capacitor is called nonlinear. We propose to characterize the one-ports under consideration in terms of their driving-point impedances.

Basic Circuit Theory, Charles A. Desoer, Ernest S. Kuh pdf – Free Download PDF

At this point it is appropriate to introduce a distinct property of the linear resistor that is not usually present in the nonlinear resistor. In order to calculate the coefficients K 11K 12, In theory, if these capacitance variations are maintained indefinitely, the amplitudes of oscillation of q and cp increase indefinitely to infinity; hence the circuit is unstable.


This fact, as in the case of capacitors, is often alluded to by saying that “inductors have memory. The analysis of parametric amplifiers will be treated briefly in Sec. For example, assume we have three zeros and four poles; the zeros z 2 and z2 and the polesp 3 andjs form complex conjugate pairs see Fig.

Basic Circuit Theory

If there are no coupling elements, a. In this approximation nonlinear characteristics are approximated by piecewise straight-line segments. Here W to,t is the energy delivered to the one-port from t 0 to t. All are two-terminal elements. Now if s 0 is a natural frequency chwrles the one-port, s 0 is a pole of the rational function Z s. The moving plate is driven mechanically in a periodic fashion.

Node and Mesh Analysis Chapter Computers force us to emphasize systematic formulation and algorithmic solution of problems rather than special tricks or special graphical methods. This result is very useful and will be repeatedly used in later chapters.

We use this language to emphasize that vc t depends not only on is t the value of is at the same instant t but also on all past values of is.

The main reason that such an overhaul became mandatory is baaic in recent years science and technology have been advancing at unbelievable speeds, and the development of new electronic devices has paced this advance in a dramatic fashion. What would be the maximum percentage error in v if we were to calculate v by approximating the nonlinear resistor by a ohm linear resistor?

Going back to 5. Clearly, we can repeat the process indefinitely, as suggested by Fig.

Uniqueness is as fundamental as it is intuitively obvious. The two Laplace transforms calculated above Eqs. Clearly, the area under such a curve is infinite. Consider the linear time-invariant network shown in Fig. Network Functions Chapter Coupling Elements and Coupled Circuits Chapter 9. Depending on the direction of motion, either the capacitor is receiving electric energy from mechanical work or it transforms electric energy into mechanical work.


First, we can calculate directly the energy stored in the electrostatic field E using Chap. It is important to note that as a consequence of the substitution theorem, Eqs. The diode, the tunnel bqsic, and the gas tube are time-invariant resistors because their characteristics do not vary with time. Size px x x x x Now we proceed charlees evaluate the integral W t 0 ,t. Any response of this network is thus closely related to the behavior of the capacitor voltage v and the inductor currents i 1 and i 2.

A typical example of a nonlinear resistor is a germanium diode. However, it is possible to reformulate the problem as a minimization problem. We propose now to explore further these ideas char,es tie them to the behavior of the impulse response.

Exercise The series connection of a constant voltage source, a linear resistor, and an ideal diode is shown in Fig. Enriched with rich pedagogy, this book is a useful tool for both students and teachers alike. Since the elements of the two-port are linear and since we seek only the zero-state response, the superposition theorem guarantees that each port current is the sum of the contributions due to each voltage source acting alone; therefore, in terms of Laplace transforms, the equations have the form 5.

It is interesting to note that the value of v at timet, v tdepends on its initial value u O and all the values of the current between time 0 and time t; this fact is often alluded to by saying that “capacitors have memory.

Dual circuit and current gain 9.