and then if you want to also install the documentation (very useful): Note: as of Debian 7 “Wheezy” bind9 ships with a file containing default. A very useful package for testing and troubleshooting DNS issues is the dnsutils package. Also, the BIND9 Documentation can be found in the. There are many ways to configure BIND9. Some of the most common configurations are a caching nameserver, primary master, and as a secondary master.

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If you intend to serve a registered domain name they ensure that your DNS zone documentztion still available even if your primary server is not online. Some of the most useful setups are: This can be useful for a bidn9 internet connection.

For more information on AppArmor see AppArmor. As a result, it’s even possible to associate multiple names to the same machine to update the different available services.

In this case the name of the primary DNS server “sid.

Bind9 – Debian Wiki

Now restart the DNS server, to enable the new documwntation. It’s still a secondary, but it’s not going to be asked about the zone you are serving to the internet from A and B If you configure your registered domain to use B and C as your domain’s DNS servers, then A is a stealth primary.


Also, create an A record for ns. Change the comment to indicate the domain that this file is for.

BIND 9 Documentation

Testing Testing the Secondary Master can be done using the same methods as the Primary. Thus, it is possible to give them a priority, assigning a number. Next, on the Secondary Master, install the bind9 package the same way as the primary. The Serial Number in the Reverse zone needs to be incremented on each change as well.


Channel Option First, we need to configure a channel to specify which file to send the messages to. The first is dedicated to name resolution, in our case, it is the file db. All categories not mentioned, are similar to the default category.

Rash wrote an interesting article about this and how to force the source port randomly via the iptables: Mon Nov 26 The only thing that has to be changed is the DNS server configuration file. Kind of slow but still useful. If you still want to go forward with it, you’ll need this informationwhich isn’t covered in the instructions that follow here. Create an A record for the base domain, example.


One example is here All the while providing caching services for hosts on the local LAN. First, on the primary master server, the zone transfer needs to be allowed.

Consequently, I consider the xxxbox like a primary server outside of our domain. IN MX 10 mail. Remember that this path is relative to the root set by -t. Time To Live expresses the duration in seconds validity, by default, of vocumentation information contained in the RRs. It allows the secondary server to reload the information they have. Content Cleanup Required This article should be cleaned-up to follow the content standards in the Wiki Guide. IN MX 10 sid.

There are two main options to BIND9 logging the channel option configures where bin9 go, and documwntation category option determines what to log.

If no logging option is configured for the default option is: If all goes well the Secondary should resolve example.