Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. This continuation of the Darkness before Dawn series finds : Blood-Kissed Sky (Darkness Before Dawn Trilogy Book 2) eBook: J. A. London: Kindle Store. J. A. London – Blood-Kissed Sky (Darkness Before Dawn 02) – dokument [*.pdf] Dedication For Robin Rue and Beth Miller, who believed and worked to make it. Buy a cheap copy of Blood-Kissed Sky book by J.A. London. There’s nowhere left to ht vampires were our enemies—they controlled our lives.

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I never saw the end coming. Even if we aren’t And the next book isn’t even coming out for like 2 months!!! Of course, she did have her moments where she seemed a bit naive and clouded from her own opinions. Also, finding out about his past made me hate him more — he was responsible for turning thousands of humans into monsters. Preview — Blood-Kissed Sky by J. She is researching a lost royal vampire family ksy also ends up learning some interesting secrets about her own parents and past.

Jun 21, Nicole Wang added it. Quotes from Blood-Kissed Sky. So that makes Sin related to Dawn. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to DNF this book. Not at me, but at himself. I love the sweet and protective best friend but it’s obvious Dawn is into Victor so I’m trying to like him.

London do a great job with this one. Sin takes them both back to the Agency and shows them that he had created the V-Process again, huge room with glass prisons where humans or vamps are put to pump Sins blood into them, making them into Day Walkers. Dawn says she is gaga over him I’m just not feeling it.


Blood-Kissed Sky

sk Still, overall, the novel wasn’t bad- the pacing, writing and characters were all relatively good, making the novel worth a read. Somehow, I managed not to freak out too bad or get a heart attack reading this book, which is a miracle in itself. Jun 14, Nara rated it liked it Shelves: What pissed me off most was her attitude towards her friends. Way too much kissing, but other-wise it’s I felt they were a huge hinderance and n So I remember that look from long ago.

The style of writing is poignant with dark undertones that help the bleakness of the setting really come across, and I had no idea that two people worked together to write these. They face so many obstacles and yet they still know they belong together.

At A Glance Genre: And I really can’t feel the character’s feelings! He’s yrs old yet he was perving on a 17yr old. Los Angeles has such a creepy vibe and twist that I didn’t see coming.

Anyway, even though Victor wanted Dawn, he still didn’t seem to be all that much in love with her — there was no passion or feeling between the two. The only way to travel is by train. The rubbish world building 3. With a release date for June, we don’t have too long to wait.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Other plot twists I did see coming, but was very surprised about the details. She does not hesitate to fight and survive against all odds. When Dawn is released she realises the extent of damage the events at the Teen Initiative Party had. Then I jumped right into the blood-kissed story and didn’t look back.

Blood-Kissed Sky by J.A. London

In this book, Dawn and Victor are faced with even more challenges. She could be going to her yoga classes; she could be checking out at Tesco; she could be happily minding her own business, walking along the street, when some sod grabs her by the shoulder and says: They listen to him and think of him as a God, so he says. There’s one thing I haven’t encountered before.


His plan of basic vampire world domination is coming along better than I had ever expected and I am dying to know what the heck Dawn and Victor will do to stop it. A major problem I had with the novel was Dawn’s narrative voice. There were also many plot twists and turns involving Dawn’s family that really changed the tone of the book. People are blaming Dawn and have no faith in her anymore. At first, I’d thought that only the edition that I had had a printing error, only to realize that many other people had the identical problem, too.

Obviously that won’t happen though, I’m sure Dawn will turn into a vampire and she and Victor will rule together and somehow they’ll manage to make humans happily donate their blood by giving some lame speech and then the vamps and humans will forget all the bad things they ever did to each other and live in harmony or some shit. What’s fucked up is that she didn’t even like the damn thing but the silly cow still insisted that I read it!!

I cannot say just how bad I cant wait to read the conclusion. She is to meet with Ian, legendary vamp killer who killed an Old Family vamp, and with a Night Watchmen who turns out to be Michael her ex who’s mad at her for liking Victor a vamp.