Patrick Kelly’s (pages 6 – 49). Bob Boyce Catalytic H20 Sealed Series Cell Design. Cell Box with Toroid and controller. High-Voltage Series Cells. BOB BOYCE, Hydroxy Adventurer:: page 10 to 29from ” available at Bob Boyce has earned, and is deserving of everything that comes his way. Yes Bob the D9 document implies that you were able to produce.

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Another bit of misinformation about SS appears on page 17, in the paragraph above the illustration. And we see one lead from the primary winding go to the electrolyzer box, and the other to gasp the negative terminal of the bridge rectifier.

Ya don’t wanna know what happened to the First Church! This video is a bkyce example of how Bob gets harassed.

Hopefully they will come over to d “Light”. At the moment of ignition, a fine spray of tiny water dropplets is injected into the cylinder.

Made by Holdgate Enterprises.

Bob Boyce and the PWM3G

Boyfe electrolyser has a pressure switch disconnects the electrical supply from the electrolyser when the gas pressure in the electrolyser reaches five pounds per square inch: Clean burning Water torches for welding stainless and and v9 gas is coming popular by artists in the Northwest.

Fill the elctrolyser with the KOH solution until the plates are just covered. People really don’t want to accept the law of conservation of energy and the fact that nobody has ever done an experiment that breaks it.


Normally, the diameter of the wire used in the primaries will be greater than that of the secondary because it will be driven by a much lower voltage and so will need a much higher current, but that is not the case here.

Have them answer you? Some of the sites that are associated with hydrogen power and other alternative energy sources, seem to maintain that there is a world-wide cabal of big oil company interests that actively suppress anything that might tend to break their monopoly on power.

X9 hydroxy tehnology is something called open source, if you’ve forgotten.

In an elcrolysis cell, the reaction is dependant solely on the amount of current. If all is well and the contact-breaker or fuse is not tripped, the electrical power passes through to the gas-pressure switch mounted on the electrolyser. Korea and Iran are both spending millions of dollars to make 9d slow progress towards that goal should be a clue.

“Free Energy” scams discussed

I regretted moving to that phase ever since. Made by Holdgate Enterprises.

The inverter will run much better if not used at its maximum load all the time, so perhaps a current of s9 Am;s might be used as the target current. The board in the metal case is a revision F board, but what is the one above it? More current goes into it than comes out of it the remainder being wasted as heat inside the inverter. Once the cells stabilise with the liquid level at the plate tops or just below, monitor the current draw.


Michael Farady investigated electrolysis and established the facts and figures for straight DC electrolysis of water.

“Free Energy” scams discussed | All About Circuits

Have you corrected your quality problems and again sell that kind of product you advertise on your website? This further casts doubt on any special qualities of potassium hydroxide.

The PDF proper runs to 47 pages, so the examination will proceed in segments, covering the following areas: Kits documented to be defective in materials or workmanship as judged solely by Holdgate Enterprises, Inc. Sep 16, 6.

Winding the Transformer from D9. Once again, the current is the control of the rate of electrolysis. Hook it up backwards easy to do and all your work is for naught. A catalyst acts to speed a chemical reaction. Bob experimented with this and was hit by a direct lightning strike.

That is why we are the number one System in the world, and Bob Boyce is still, after 30 years, “playing” with his toys. It is one of dozens of possible electrolytes that can be used in hydrolysis cells. Some years ago, the Japanese made a bb cylinder engine for racing.

Like many before me though, I must agree: