Secrets of the Black Temple – Basil Lacroix aka Basil Crouch . [ recommended ] The Book of Forbidden Knowledge by Basil LaCroix a.k.a Basil Crouch. Basil Crouch A.K.A. Basil LaCroix was\is one of those old-time great . His “Book of Forbidden Knowledge” (published after my above posts. Home · Documents; Basil Crouch Doll Magic Fairy Gold – Basil Crouch Aka Basil Lacroix. Beyond RareDocuments · pdf download.

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In order to have an out-of-body experience, the soul or consciousness of the individual must temporarily leave the physical body. So far, there has only one text of The Book of Power has been found, Shah searched through… more.

The apostle John receives a vision in which Christ explains to him the signficance of… more. Rorbidden to main content.

Anyone heard of the Occultist Basil E Crouch?

The so-called Sixth and Seventh books of Moses in particular consists of a collection of texts which purport to explain the magic whereby Moses won the biblical magic contest with the Egyptian… more.

The book contains information about the ancient… more. It is intended for those who have neither the time nor the training necessary to assimilate the standard works on the subject, but who want to… more The Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune The Tree of Life forms the ground-plan of the Western Esoteric Tradition and is the system upon which pupils are trained in the Fraternity of the Inner Light.

But at his age he now has nothing left to lose. Romany Spells Fulfil Your Needs. Numerous volumes have been written as commentaries upon the secret systems of philosophy existing in the ancient world, but the ageless truths of life, like many of the earths greatest thinkers, have usually been clothed in shabby garments. The four elementary forms separate and specify by a kind of rough outline, the created spirits whom the universal movement disengages from the central fire.


Basil Crouch – The Darkside Of The Moon A Complete Course In Magic And Witchcraft (8.6 MB)

Modern scholars still think this is a very plausible suggestion and assume the… more. Well thats my take on the subject.

Copyright c darkbooks. It is a book of perennial interest and many-sided usefulness for self-culture, selfknowledge, acquisition of the power of personality and success in life. This also accounts for its Arabic name, ilm al-raml, literally the science or wisdom of the sand. It is comparatively easy to learn the trick of spells and the methods of using the subtler, but still material, forces of physical nature the powers of the animal soul in man are soon awakened the forces which his love, his hate, his passion, can call into operation,… more The Key To Theosophy by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky The purpose of this book is exactly expressed in its title, The Key to Theosophy, and needs but few words of explanation.

These are the secret sayings which the living Yeshua has spoken and Didymos Judas Thomas inscribed. Basil LaCroix is one of those old-time great Magicians who learned by the pragmatics of worldly travels in lieu of the theoretics found in most books. He also learned many strange Spells from an Australian Aborigine Witchdoctor. All rights are reserved by the Swedenborg… more. A very intriguing man full of knowledge. Basil Crouch has a name and a reputation to protect.

The ceremonies are powerful beyond belief. This etext version of the book, Al Azif has been entered into Hypertext by Ken Ottinger over the course of some few months. Everywhere spirit works and fecundates matter by life all matter is animated thought and soul are everywhere.

Astral Energy 1 Offline Posts: He stopped seeing the other girl and about a month later he asked for my hand in marriage! Whatsoever is published, and made known to everyone, concerning our Fraternity, by the foresaid Fama, let no man esteem lightly of it, nor hold it as an idle or invented thing, and much less receive the same, as though it were only a mere conceit of ours.


This book containes 14 lessons in Yogi Philosophiand oriental occultism. This document is a transcription of an English translation of The Spiritual Guide by Miguel de Molinos The English translation was published in London, inand is a translation of an Italian edition published in Venice, in One of the finest translations to the English Language is done by… more Metaphysics by Aristotle Metaphysics is one of the principal works of Aristotle and the first major work of the branch of philosophy with the same name.

Consult “The Master Key” constantly, as your perpetual help and stimulus. Rumi was a Persian jurist and theologian best known for being perhaps the finest of all Sufi poets. Crystals bring amazing benefits to the healing arena!

The theory of the origin of Alchemy kf forward in Chapter I… more. Anhalonium lewinii was new to science. An English translation, translated by… more. My first lengthy foray into this much-misunderstood aspect of magic was a personal magical retirement inspired by accounts of magicians working the Abra-melin system, but perhaps more… more.

Basil Lacroix – Book of Forbidden Knowledge

The first part deals with twenty-four Angels who rule the hours of the day and night and the angels are listed with… more.

The first part concerns the requirements to become an adept who follows a wizard evil spirit who initiates the adept into the secrets of the book. You will be amazed at the mysterious and powerful way in which the spells of the Old Ones work. Akhnaton is one of the very few men who ever put forth such a bold claim.