BYK® is a mixture of foam destroying polysiloxanes and hydrophobic solids in polyglycol. This product is the standard defoamer for water-based syste. Mixture of hydrophobic solids and foam destroying polysiloxanes in polyglycol. Acts as a silicone based, standard defoamer for aqueous systems. Exhibits easy . BYK Version 3. Revision Date 01/31/ Print Date 01/31/ 1 / 9. SECTION 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION. Product name.: BYK -.

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The pH of the formulations were as follows: A method for preparing a construction machine according to a water paint according to any of claimscharacterized in that it comprises the following steps: Formulation 5C flowed and leveled properly over a freshly sand-blasted steel panel.

The formulations prepared are shown in the following table. In this example, another resin was used.

USB1 – Low volatile organic content lubricant – Google Patents

However, the composition 208 this invention may optionally include a wide range of pigment choices. Aqueous dispersions utilizing carboxyalkyl cellulose esters and water reducible polymers. Byl wide variety of surfactants can be employed. The film provided corrosion resistance but this particular formulation did not meet the performance requirements of MIL-L However, UL assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the information contained on this website and nyk encourages that upon final product or material selection information is validated with the manufacturer.

The coating demonstrated excellent resistance to the selected fluids CastrolMIL-H hydraulic fluid, MIL-C cleaning fluid, MIL-L lubricating oil, 1,1,1-trichloroethane, JP-4, MIL-A de-icing fluid, reagent waterdid not blister, flake or peel, and no visible amount of coating was removed by the adhesive tape.

Formulations 14AC were sprayed onto a phosphate treated steel panel and subjected to corrosion testing pursuant to MIL-L The process of claim 15wherein the binder is an aliphatic polyurethane resin. All amounts are in grams.


However, films dried with compressed air did not show such pigment separation. The formulations passed the corrosion resistance and endurance life testing according to MIL Organic lubricating coating composition for use in plastic deformation of metal sheet.

A nitrogen-containing basic compound is employed to adjust the pH of the system if needed. The invention discloses water paint for construction bhk and a preparation method thereof and relates bym the technical field of anti-rust coatings. The composition of claim 1wherein the composition has a pH in the range of 7 to The amount of surfactant is any amount effective to provide reduced surface tension of the formulation.

In one embodiment, the water is deionized water. If used, the antifoam agent is typically present in an amount of from 0. The nitrogen containing basic compound is added in an amount to provide the water-based composition with a pH of at least 7, in one embodiment at least 8, and in another embodiment a pH in the range from 7 to 9.

Advantageously, the composition can meet the current military requirements under U. The composition of claim 1wherein the composition has a pH in the range from 8 to Byk invests approximately 7.

The fastener of claim 41wherein the bgk composition further comprises tripropylene glycol monomethyl ether and dipropylene glycol butyl ether. The following table shows the formulations prepared. The panels were put in a salt fog chamber. For all three formulations, the molybdenum disulfide solidified upon mixing with Part A.

BYK (25 KGS/PAIL) – Suka Chemicals

Formulation 14A provided superior corrosion resistance properties relative to formulations 14B and 14C. The polytetrafluoroethylene is provided as a fine powder, which provides lubricity at relatively low pressure, with the molybdenum disulfide providing excellent lubricity at higher pressures.

Water epoxy paint for ground floor and its byl. High fluorocarbon content coating composition, method of application, and coated article. The surfactant lowers the surface tension of the coating as applied so that the surface is coated evenly.


The composition of claim 1further comprising at least one coalescing agent.

Epoxy-modified water-based alkyd resin and water-based alkyd amino stoving varnish and preparation method of epoxy-modified water-based alkyd resin and water-based alkyd amino stoving varnish. The formulation passed all of these tests. Waterborne two-component light-color in-tank electrostatic conduction anticorrosive paint and preparation method thereof.

BYK-028 (25 KGS/PAIL)

Formulation F sprayed well, with slight pulses. The amount of binder used can vary widely depending for example on the application. The process of claim 15wherein the molybdenum disulfide is present in an amount of from 0. The water paint has high gloss, high rust resistance and low VOC content, can effectively prevent environmental pollution and has environmental friendliness better than that of the existing machinery coating.

The present invention provides a solution to one or more of the disadvantages and deficiencies described above. DPnB was then added with stirring.

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The process of bhk 28wherein the water-based composition further comprises at least one surfactant. Byk has an established history of innovation such as being the first additive manufacturer to begin using Controlled Polymerization Technology CPTlaunching the first rheology-modified wax emulsion, and being one of the first companies to use nanotechnology for improving Coatings properties.

In one embodiment, the amount is about 0.

A dry film lubricant formulation was prepared. In this example, an alternative cosolvent coalescing agent ratio was employed. In the table, all amounts are in grams.

The ammonia is present to reduce the acidity of the formulation. The fastener of claim 41wherein bk composition has a pH in the range of 7 to