()*, , , , et S 3MMC. IMPORTANT: Conserver ces directives d’utilisation à titre de référence. Cartucho Serie Instrucciones. cartucho/filtro If the 3MTM Mercury . El Adaptador para Filtros/ Cartuchos de 3MMR está Mercurio de 3MMR, coloque los cartuchos en la. Cheap filter respirator, Buy Quality gas protection directly from China gas mask filter Suppliers: 3M gas mask filter Genuine guarantee against Mercury.

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Pull the ends of the six straps to adjust tightness, starting with the neck straps fi rst followed by the temple. Storage, Transportation and Care: Respirador de pieza facial completa Serie S – Special or Critical User’s Instructions. The effectiveness of a respirator will be reduced if it is not fi t tested properly. Nos Estados Unidos, entre em contato com:.

Place the lens into the. Remove respirator carfucho pulling straps cartuco head.

3M 7800S User Instructions

Do not use with beards or other facial hair or other conditions that prevent a good seal between the face and the. Do not use with beards or other facial hair or other conditions that prevent a good seal between the face. Cartuchp respirator does not supply oxygen when used in air-purifying mode. Keep these User Instructions for reference.

B – Not for use in atmospheres immediately dangerous to life or health. User must follow User Instructions.


Do not exceed maximum use concentrations established by local regulatory agencies. This respirator must be inspected before each use to ensure it is in carrucho operating condition. Twist clockwise a quarter turn.

It is necessary to have special care to use this product in explosive atmospheres. J – Failure to properly use and maintain this product could result in injury or death.

Don’t have an account? To help maintain a good seal.

Resultado de imagen para cartuchos 3m | Filtros de Proteccion | Pinterest

Using the diaphragm removal tool, turn diaphragm retaining ring counter clockwise and. E – Use only the pressure ranges and hose lengths specifi ed in the User’s Instructions. P Advanced Particulate Filter with nuisance level acid gas relief. Ha logrado un ajuste adecuado, si la pieza facial se abulta un poco y no se detectan fugas de aire entre la carra 1.

To replace the connector, press the inner section into the facepiece until the end of the threads are fl ush. It can be used as a. In Canada, breathing air systems must be supplied with air which meets at least the requirements. Chlorine, hydrogen chloride, and sulfur dioxide or chlorine.

The center of the lens is marked. Cleaning with solvents may degrade some respirator components and. Place your thumbs onto the center portion of the fi lters, restricting airfl ow through fi lters and inhale gently. Cartridge and Filter Selection and Approvals. P Particulate Filter with nuisance level acid gas relief. Cleaning is recommended after each use. Rinse in fresh, warm water and air dry in noncontaminated atmosphere. Respirator components should be inspected prior to each use.


Adquisiciones y Arrendamientos de Bienes y Servicios. Unidad Iztapalapa.

Do not use when concentrations of contaminants are immediately dangerous to life or health, are unknown. Remove the nose cup. Standard eyeglasses cannot be worn with full facepiece respirators.

Place the palm of the hand over the breathing tube opening. Pour tout renseignement sur. Before using any of these products, the user must read the specifi c use for, use limitations and warning information.

Disinfect facepiece by soaking in a solution of quaternary carutcho disinfectant or sodium hypochloride 1 oz. Certain organic vapors, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, and. Remove the gasket from the air inlet opening base. Les produits de la Division des produits de protection individuelle de 3M sont. For the listing of. Align the cartridge notch with the small solid bayonet lug on facepiece and vartucho together.

These products help provide limited eye and face protection against fl ying particles.

P95 Particulate Filter, 3M recommended ozone protection. Fit testing is a U. See User Instructions included with air regulating valves for.