home decoration and furniture, that began manufacturing in Spain 49 years . SCHULLER, S.L., is a leading firm in lamps and light-fittings, home decoration and furniture, that began manufacturing . SCHULLER, S.L., is a leading firm in lamps and light-fittings, home We offer more than lighting items, among lamps, table lamps, floor lamps or wall.

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Maya-K’ice elements in a series of Karib-Aruak Arawak languages, embracing the archaic forms in all known Maya-K’ice tongues. Schuller, Rudolph Archivos del Folklore Cubano, vol. Bak-pak, hard, bone, puak-poka.

Co-tsu-su, might, black, cold. On the value of the Spanish money coins and weight of the earlier part of the 16th century. Schuller … 50 years of history!

Extract of the Doctrina Christiana in schhuller Mexican Indian language. Papers and Correspondence Boxes 10L-M. Four languages, Aguacateca, Mam, Jacalteca, Cuxe. Lum, earth and related ideas.

SCHULLER, S.L. – Mirrors

One typed sheet of titles by this author. Place names of southern Colombia, all of Indian origin, elements for a linguistic chart of that section of Colombia. Oficina tipografica del gobierno desestado. Facsimile of the Pineda Map of America, Biographic info and old index. Franklin Currier of Harvard College Library. Is, to see, sight, catalogi, bird, and so forth. Light and design at Feria Habitat with Schuller.


Presuming original order of the material has been maintained this would appear to be shculler naming and ordering system that only Schuller understood.

Rodolfo R. Schuller Papers,ca. 1925-1932.

Idioma Carihe de Cuando estuve en el Orinoco. Mul-pul, to congregate round.

Folders with reprints of Schuller’s scientific papers and others, partially annotated by Schuller. Appear to be by Schuller for his own books.

Notes mostly geographicalor place-names of Indian origin. Revue Internationale d ‘Ethnologie et de Linguistique, vol. Schuller, from “Relaciones Geograficas.

SCHULLER, S.L. – Furniture, Lighting and Decoration

Breton, Published in Rio cataloyo Janeiro. Schuller according the most reliable sources of information. Written in Corporate Corporativo on 30 Noviembre, Includes letters from A. There, we presented new product lines which were…. Pathology, sickness and so on.

Seven extracts from newspapers. Lem, thunder, thunderbolt, flash, etc. Catzlogo cards with bibliographic information. Copied from the original in the John Carter Brown Library. Eu, teu cold; ras, fresh green etc. You will get the chance to see some of our newest offerings alongside some cstalogo our most emblematic We hope you stop in for a visit…. Materials taken from Stoll, Rockstroh, Sapper, and so forth, each sheet dedicated to a particular word man, woman, etc. Printed Material Boxes 10M.


Ke, to, ye-he, ki, ti, yi. Guatuso The making pottery.

A large collection of his ethnological studies and photographs were acquired xatalogo Tulane University, in the s shortly after Schuller moved to New Orleans. Notes on the linguistic map of El Salvador, C. Schuller, Rudolph Anales Universitarios, vol.