The Chronicles of Riddick by Alan Dean Foster Genre: Science fiction, space opera, dystopia Publisher: Del Rey Books (December ). The Chronicles of Riddick by Alan Dean Foster, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. The Chronicles of Riddick is a novelization of the film, The Chronicles of Riddick. It was written by Alan Dean Foster, a science fiction/horror/fantasy/mystery.

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However, the movie was more realistic. Apr 12, stormhawk rated it liked it Shelves: She sees him thinking through a hard situation and she assumes that under his dark glasses that his eyes are concerned for the welfare of the other escapees.

There are many minor scene extensions, and some narrative focus on design elements that are only implied in the film such as the reliance on older, sturdier mechanization in the Crematoria Slam Facility. Foster did not let me down with the sultry blade that is Dame Vaako. His dull style and repetitive descriptions slow chrinicles the flow so much it’s like wading through treacle.

Riddick is on some small frozen ice ball world, away from everyone, but riddock bounty hunters find him and with such a large price on his head for capture, they figure that it worthwhile to go get him. What a terrible mess.

She sometimes imagines that he smirks but doesn’t quite know if she’s aan it or not. In his conversation with Riddick, the Purifier reveals that “most” Furyans converted to Necroism, bolstering the ranks and providing fierce fighters.

Oct 26, Manuel rated it it was ok. Riddick, who has now been imbued with magical Furyan powers thanks to a prophecy and upgraded backstory. But stories that are so archetypal are not known to be nuanced.


The Chronicles of Riddick

When Riddick is interrogated by the Quasi-Deadthey see a different vision of the past; he is also able to scan them back to gain information about his dran. If you would like to read more of my reviews, please visit: And all of that swirling want and need on the part of the author is exactly the problem with this book. He received a B.

Like Liked by 1 person. Steff MogsyTiara and Wendy are proud moms, geeks, gamers and bibliophiles. By continuing to use this website, you agree to wlan use. When the Guv confesses he never forgot Ellen ‘s name, he also laments that she was living on Helion Chronivles. My friend and Riddico used to have email exchanges that were 32 pages long when all was said and done… all talking about Riddick and his survivor instinct.

Riddick have to do, and there is some inexplicable actions that help him survive, to get there. Jan 22, D. I am not sure if there is a better actor who could play Riddick as well as Vin.

I was disappointed though — or perhaps pleased with the final movie version of the parting between Riddick and Kyra. His first novel, The Tar-Aiym Krang, introduced the Humanx Commonwealth, a galactic alliance between humans and an insectlike race called Thranx. This was a disappointment because isn’t that the very reason we prefer the books over the movies?

Once aboard the Basilica, the circumstances of the chronkcles and his handler’s deaths are revealed. Extended scene on ice planet U. Mass Market Paperbackpages. This is not the Alan Dean Foster I remember. About Alan Dean Foster.

The Chronicles of Riddick : Alan Dean Foster :

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Riddick’s touchdown on Helion Prime is extended – the stolen ship buries itself in a sand dune to escape detection.


Riddick takes their spacecraft. Pitch Black and subsequently The Chronicles of Riddick are favourite films in my household and I am quite fond of the character of Riddick.

A faithful render of the screen play and nothing more. It was a beautiful, clear night. Refresh and try again. Foster has done an excellent job of retelling the story from the movie. Having escaped the interrogation, a new scene details Riddick’s escape form the hovering command ship. Oltovmthe 2nd Lord Marshal and builder of the Necropolis created the great Necromonger armada.

This interest is carried over to his writing, but with a twist: A story of a superman — he can see in the dark; he can dislocate his joints and still have strength to manhandle his enemies; he can kill wild beasts: In the shootout with the guards on Crematoria, all the mercs die including the co-pilot before Riddick reaches the command center.

Book Review: The Chronicles of Riddick by Alan Dean Foster

You are commenting using your WordPress. Not that the delegate or his clerical friends could have stayed on Riddick’s track for more than a few meters had they tried to follow him. And yet, it’s for this very thing that I give Foster credit. So it is hard to justify the time spent on the book. I chrinicles have done with a little less of Riddick be In my quest to read more movie chtonicles this year, it’s unsurprising that Foster’s name would pop up on the list.