The legendary Commissar Ciaphas Cain, lauded as one of the great heroes of the Imperium, finds himself thrust onto the battlefield again. Cain wants nothing. The Ciaphas Cain series are Dark Comedy/Action-Adventure novels written by a second omnibus entitled Ciaphas Cain: Defender of the Imperium in Ciaphas Cain: Defender of the Imperium by Sandy Mitchell, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Cover illustration for Saviour of the Imperium Jurgen is a great bodyman for Cain, and a great everyman character.

Apr 12, Ben rated it it was amazing. Cover illustration for Hero of the Imperium by Clint Langley.

Ciaphas Cain

However, defenddr his writings, it can be inferred that he was raised on a hive world and his parents both served in the Imperial Guard. See full terms and conditions and this month’s choices. One person found this helpful. After being forced ghe board an escape shuttle to survive a disastrous space battle with ambushing Orkish invaders that damages the troopship he is in, Cain is reported dead in the gunfire and confusion.

Vail’s footnotes in the second novel indicated Cain was probably one of the finest swordsmen in his region of the galaxy.

Languages Italiano Edit links. Cain is himself throughout. Funny, tragic at times, a little bit of romance, really well done. Community Forum Discord Server. The Caon hero returns in a second set of tongue-in-cheek memoirs relating his greatest victories fhe savage greenskins, monstrous Tyranids and the greatest Chaos invasion in ten thousand years… The legendary Commissar Ciaphas Cain, lauded as one of the great heroes of the Imperium, finds himself thrust onto the battlefield again.


Ciaphas Cain – Wikipedia

That said, it’s also defenderr lot more of the same. Ciaphas Cain is definitely one of my favorite characters. For instance, Vail at one point praises Cain’s marksmanship, pointing out that he had just made quite a remarkable long-range shot with an inaccurate pistol, while Cain himself writes onward without acknowledging or possibly even being aware of his own skill.

Book ratings by Goodreads. Ciaphas Cain is a ” Commissar ,” a political officer of the Imperium of Man’s troops.

Whatever you conclude him to be: Cain maintains his reputation of heroism primarily for its benefit to him; most soldiers around him obey his orders without question, xefender he is constantly invited to parties and upscale social functions. It’s a must read. The Ciaphas Cain series is a fantastic, if you are looking for a lighter and more personal look into the 40k universe then look no further.

Vail must also add occasional footnotes to some of his recollections to point out that Cain has just glossed over something another man might take pride in. A prequel to the first novel in the series, Cain is still attached to the Valhallan 12th field artillery when the story begins. Sep 09, Stephan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Retrieved from ” http: Cain is the most amazing character in all of WH 40K.


On closer inspection Cain’s instinct is to run. Cain’s Last Stand takes place after Cain’s retirement, when the planet defendee he teaches is menaced by forces of Chaos. About the Author Sandy Mitchell is the author of a long-running series of Warhammer 40, novels about the hero of the Imperium, Commssar Ciaphas Cain.

Cover illustration for Duty Calls by Clint Langley. If you like Warhammer 40K novels, you definitely need to add this to your collection. The novels ciaphxs presented as Cain’s personal and often rambling notes. Set up a giveaway. Cain is one of my fave characters defende and let’s not forget Jurgen. Aside from Vail, the only clue to the order of the events depicted is Cain’s passing reference to some past event.