[Vittore Cossalter Motorcycle Dynamics BookZZ. Uploaded by. Umar Riaz. Motorcy cle Dy namics Second Edition Vittore Cossalter Importante notice This book. Motorcycle Model. The motorcycle model considered in this. study is a merely four-degree-of freedom ( DOF) system discussed in (Cossalter, ). Motorcycle Dynamics has 19 ratings and 0 reviews. The book presents the theory of motorcycle dynamics. It is a technical book for the engineer.

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Alizaneh added it Jan 20, The constant k expressed in radians-1 represent the stiffness coefficients of the tires: Figure represents the typical variation of the sideslip force, of the pneumatic trail and of the self-aligning moment as a function of the slip.

It was the Sixties. The rolling radius is defined moorcycle the ratio of the forward velocity to its angular speed: In addition we have two equations that give the lateral forces as functions of sideslip and camber angles. If the velocity is also taken into account, deceleration increases as the velocity increases due to the effect of the aerodynamic resistance force.

Load trans fe r duri ng braki ng In order to evaluate the role of the rear brake during a braking event at the limit of slippage, we need to bring up some points regarding the forces acting on a motorcycle. The horizontal straight lines represent the equilibrium conditions of a motorcycle rounding turns of increasing radius, at constant velocity.

[Vittore Cossalter Motorcycle Dynamics BookZZ | Umar Riaz –

Resistance to tire rolling, Fw, was amply discussed in the previous chapter. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This effect becomes more important when the speed increases because the aerodynamic force and the driving force increases. Even if the rider has the impression that cossater steering movement is easy, the steering mechanism is very sensitive to irregularities in the road.


Return to Book Page. In the following section, a more complicated kinematic model is used taking into account both the roll angle and the radius of the front tire cross section.

For this reason this moment is called the self- aligning moment of the tire.

Dressed in black leather, he would slowly put his gloves on, push down on the pedal and finally drive off. The load can be quite variable in motorcycles one or two passengers, possibly with baggage ; and furthermore, load transfer between the front and rear wheel occurs in both acceleration and braking.

Rod rated it it was amazing Jul 11, Maximum acceleration is reached when the resistance force FD is zero, i.

The weight mg is equal to the sum of the static loads acting on the wheels and. Simas Jermosenka rated it liked it Jan 01, The radius of curvature remains approximately constant and equal to that relating to kinematic steering.

Motorcycle Dynamics

Motorcycle Dynamics offers a wealth of information compiled from the most up-to-date research into the behavior and performance of motorcycles Since there are two groups of spring dampers arranged in parallel in the fork, the stiffness k is equal to the sum of the stiffnesses of the two springs, and the damping c is equal to the sum of the damping of the two dampers.

This result can be explained by considering the fact that when the trail increases, the disaligning effect due to the front tire vertical load increases more than the aligning effect due to the lateral force. If subjected to the same vertical load, the real front fork and the equivalent vertical suspension have equal vertical displacements. The turn center C is the intersection of the lines perpendicular to the directions of the forward velocity of the two wheels. Skip to main content.

It is interesting to study the displacement of the front contact point in a triad fixed to the front frame. Street testing motorcycles can be dangerous. In addition, it is worth pointing out that these motorcycles are normally used at rather low velocities, and they do not therefore need long trails, which, as previously noted, assures a high directional stability at high velocities.


The principal advantages of the traditional rear suspension are: The longitudinal slip is positive in the case of traction and negative in the case of braking. The suspension acts as if it were composed of a very long fork fastened to the chassis in the center of rotation. The rear wheel may lift in gravity braking.

Motorcycle Dynamics by Vittore Cossalter

The directional behavior is neutral if the following relation is satisfied: Non-zero equilibrium velocities are therefore possible, since the overturning moment due to the centrifugal force is cosxalter out by the moments generated by the weight forces. Considering that sport riders usually move motorcyxle considerably it is obvious that the steering characteristics of the motorcycle are strongly influenced by driving style. Critical velocity increases by increasing the rear tire cornering stiffness and decreasing the front tire cornering stiffness.

It can be noted that the sideslip angles depend on two terms of opposite sign. Rear center of The motorcycle tends to under-steer in curves the front wheel slips gravity laterally to a greater extent. Lateral slip is therefore always greater than that present in the reference case.

The front arm suspension and four-bar linkage suspension can be designed so as to provide total or partial anti-dive behavior in braking. Nunz rated it it was ok Aug 18, Natural frequencies, loss factors and mode shapes strongly depend on tire size, construction radial-ply, bias-ply and material. Hence, to move the wheel with constant forward velocity it is necessary to overcome a rolling resistance moment equal to: