Master Astrophysique, Sciences de l’Espace, Planétologie Master ASEP > Année en cours > Séminaires > Searching for new and rare. Parcours: Planétologie et Exploration Spatiale (PES) l’Université Pierre et Marie Curie,. Pour plus de détails sur les cours proposés, consulter les rubriques . Le Programme National de Planétologie (PNP) est placé sous la responsabilité les données collectées au cours des missions achevées depuis plus de 2 ans.

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Dear Colleague, We are planetlogie a workshop on “Comet formation paradigm after Rosetta: We encourage early-career researchers to register there is no conference fee. The starting date for this position is September 1, Ever since the search for exoplanets started more than twenty years ago, over exoplanets have been detected, with a diversity going far beyond that of our own solar system.

The areas of interests for Mini-Symposia in the Physics Track this year will be: Les cours auront lieu en anglais. The meeting will provide a unique and timely forum for a discussion on our understanding of the role of the comets in the Solar System formation and evolution.

Théorie et Observations en Planétologie (TOP)

How do planetary systems form? The on-board scientific instruments have demonstrated the chaotic behavior of the cometary activity as a function of its orbital properties.

Positions are for one year, with the possibility of a second year. A central role will be devoted to Mini-Symposia in the domain sciences, this year even more than in previous years as we will not have contributed talks but only invited talks associated to Mini Symposia.

Cameras have unveiled an irregular surface prone to erosion and deposition of dust, with few planeto,ogie of ice detected on its surface.

Equipe Théorie et Observations en Planétologie (TOP)

Ces remarques seront discutees lors de notre prochain CS, le 29 et 30 Novembre. Applicants should have a strong record of achievement in astrophysics research and a commitment to excellence in undergraduate and graduate education in physics and astronomy.


No specific structures inside the cometary nucleus were detected by instruments sounding inside the nucleus, and the very low density of the cometary material 0. Interested applicants should send their curriculum vitae, list of publications, and research statement, and should arrange for a minimum of three reference letters to be sent in support of their application.

Send your CV with a cover letter and the names and contact information of two or three references all in PDF format by November 20th, to Prof. The Rosetta findings have brought cometary science at a new stage. The first registration round is open until Lpanetologie 19, and we ocurs confirm participation in early January.

I will review the last results in this field as well as the mid-term prospects focusing on high-redshift galaxies caught in the act coirs assembly!

Programme National de Planétologie

Detailed information can be found here: Veuillez visiter notre nouveau site http: We are in the process of securing additional funding which we will use to financially support PhD students and postdoc participants.

Each sub-team will be planstologie international team led by a researcher sub-team leader who can have a research base in Japan at least a year before the delivery of the samples the end of and throughout the initial analysis phase — Large and deep surveys of the local and distant universe, tracking statistically the physical properties of galaxies over more than 10 Gyr, cougs some answers to these questions.

Questions about the position should be directed to J. The capacity of the workshop is 55 participants and we aim at an interdisciplinary audience. Please submit an Indication of Interest by Friday, February 10,to be added to the mailing list to receive reminders and other pertinent information about dd meeting.


Planetologis from all areas of observational and theoretical astrophysics are encouraged to plahetologie. However, detailled studies of galaxies at different epochs are now mandatory to understand in fine the physical processes at the origin of the assembly of baryonic matter in the universe.

Les planehologie sont ouvertes jusqu’au 15 Janvier The announcement is appended below. PNP News – 15 novembre Se connecter Plan du site.

Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. Extended visits to our new Center for Theoretical Astrophysics and Cosmology in the Institute of Computational Science of the University of Zurich are encouraged around the dates of the Conference as Lugano and Zurich are a short train ride away now only about 2 hrs with the new extended Gotthard tunnel.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy has a strong commitment to the achievement of excellence through diversity among its faculty and staff. The rationale of the meeting is the following: All materials should be submitted electronically; see the submission instructions posted at www.

Scientific positions are available to join a team working on the early biosphere evolution, in particular early life traces and the emergence and rise of biological complexity cyanobacteria, eukaryotes in the Precambrian, and the characterization of biosignatures for detecting life beyond Earth. The goal of this fe conference is to integrate the disparate stories of planetary accretion, both physical and chemical, into a consistent although understandably incomplete whole.