J Ethnopharmacol. May;56(3) Chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of Croton urucurana Baillon (Euphorbiaceae). Peres MT(1), Delle. Evaluation of the effect of aqueous extract of Croton urucurana Baillon ( Euphorbiaceae) on the hemorrhagic activity induced by the venom of Bothrops jararaca. Una ning gihulagway ni Henri Ernest Baillon. Ang Croton urucurana sakop sa kahenera nga Croton sa kabanay nga Euphorbiaceae. Pagka karon wala pay siak.

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Croton urucurana – Wikispecies

The results demonstrated the importance of the bioassay-guided isolation research. Manuscript received on May 5, Accepted for publication on March 1, Taxonomy, distribution and status.

For the FDM fraction 2. It is probable that the natural nocturnal-diurnal thermal variations to which the germinating seeds were exposed under greenhouse conditions after and days of storage were lower than the natural thermal variations they experienced after and days of storage and also lower than the controlled thermal variations in the germination chamber.

Hundreds of plant species have been studied in order to find out the active ingredient responsible for their insecticidal activity against the pests of economic importance. Termitidae of North East India. However, as the germination index was generally low, it may be that the thermal bands used here did not coincide with the species’ optimums.

It has been established that there are often variations in the germinative potential of seeds according to the color of their teguments, which may be a sign of their degree of ripeness Negrelle et al. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 88 As shown in the present work, the biological activity was evaluated through the biological and biochemical parameters of the crude methanolic extract, semipurified fractions Ethyl acetate and Dichloromethane and crude resin of C.

J Seed Technology Termite resistance tests of hardwoods of Kochi growth. Type the digit seven into the box. In the same concentration ethanol-water fraction, obtained a LT 50 estimated at 3. In this context, plant extracts stand out for constituting a rich source of bioactive molecules Elango et al.


All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Paghimo ni bot Lsjbot. Agricultural and Forest Entomology 12 This process results in a loss of seed quality that is directly measurable by an increase of leachates in imbibed water.

Curve slopes data of concentration-mortality, LC 50 and LC 95X 2 to the crude extract Croton urucurana and the ethanol-water, hexane, leaf ethyl acetate and bark on Heterotermes sulcatus. R, Rocha C, Isac E. Due to feeding habit Seo et al. Sinonimo Oxydectes urucurana Baill.

Preparation of the extract: Abduz Zahir et al. There was urucurqna significant effect of storage conditions on the size of the aerial portions of the seedlings, with a reduction in the sizes of these aerial portions being observed among seeds stored at room temperature, and crogon increase observed when they were stored under refrigeration Figure 6b.

The chemical insecticides used in soil against the subterranean termites result in polluting of soil ecosystems and become causes of human health hazards urucyrana of such risks, there is a need of developing ecofriendly baits for the control of these termites.

Termite Ecology and Their Control. With FDM, the mortality and weight of A. The number and weight of surviving A. Only large workers third instar were used in the experiments. Hundreds of plant species have been studied in order to find out the active ingredients responsible for their insecticidal activity against various pests of economic significance.

(Croton urucurana) SANGRE DE DRAGO ~ Original = (2194 x 2694)

Ants of the species Cylas formicarius Formicariidae were treated with C. Toxicology 15 The infraorder Isoptera Krishna et al. After four instars, the weight and larval survival were recorded.

Filter paper treated with crude extract and fractions of C.

Anti-termitic activities of essential oils from coniferous trees against Coptotermes formosanus. Trichogramma pretiosum parasitism of Pseudoplusia includens and Anticarsia gemmatalis eggs at different temperatures. The data concerning electrical conductivity indicated an increase in the amounts of electrolytes released by seeds during imbibition as they aged Figure 5a fact that was confirmed by several authors with seeds of other species Simon and Raja-HarunLoeffler et al. Year ISBN Description An extremely concise book, listing approximately 1, species and varieties of plants with their botanical name, common name in Brazil, regions in Brazil where the plant is found, a brief list of uses and any medically active compounds in the plant.


In this paper, poisoning symptoms appear rapidly in workers of H.

Burkart by Uruxurana et al. The control of termites is made mainly through the application of synthetic insecticides or traditional wood preservatives Lee and Ryu, ; Pandey et al. According to the same authors, the inverse correlation between the AD and ECD values was probably because when digestibility was high, there was a proportional higher expenditure of digested food on the metabolic energy, which resulted in a lower biomass gain per unit of digested food, corresponding to ECD.

The filtrate was evaporated to dryness under reduced pressure forming the crude extract.

Croton urucurana

Temperature monitoring was carried out at every two weeks using a digital thermohygrograph. The chemical class of diterpenes has already been reported as having insecticidal activity Mancebo et al. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 47 As for the LT 95 the results show higher toxicity of crude extract of C. The urucuraha showed no significant differences for the amount of food ingested and excrements produced, comparing larvae fed with control diet to those fed EMeOH Fig.