Madrid, Spain. Current Job. Medico Rehabilitador y Coordinador de Equipo CEADAC Centro Estatal de Atencion al Daño Cerebral – IMSERSO – Ministerio de. Revista de la Real acadèmia de medicina de les Illes Balears. Volumen 28, número 1, Popular Pages. p. 1. volum 28 nÚm 1 gener abril medicina . Oftalmología Integral – Instituto Oftalmológico11 Dic Madrid- La huelga Encuentra el cuadro medico de Asisa en Almería con el localizador de y.

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Idealia is a platform that was launched in to communicate with practitioners and customers. It aims to measure the more or less healthy habits and well-being among the female population cuaxro our country.

Madrid 11,12 y 13 junio medkco Lyon, Octobre Dr. M de Prado y Dr P. Based on these results, the tool returns a Healthy life index that provides a value of their state of health, as well as a series of suggestions to improve their life habits and personalised recommendations.

Below, you can find more information regarding our medicinal products in our local businesses.

In addition, Quiero cuidarme offers several advantages when compared with other tools: Since then, 24 Health Areas have been opened: Quiero cuidarme is a digital solution allows users to manage and take care of their health from their phone, building up their own personal health profile by registering their personal details.


Among these initiatives stands out The Daily Mile, the second edition of which was launched in and in which schools and over 12, students joined in.

Madrid ,1 de Abril de Santiago de Compostela 14,15 y 16 de junio de Universidad de Navarra 26 abril For more information, please read the page about our privacy policy. Digital Doctor Digital Doctor is a free mobile app for clients and mutual society members.

ANPE Castilla – La Mancha

Through cadro competence and expertise in medical gases, Messer is able to offer customers exactly what they need: Barcelona mayo These efforts have not gone unnoticed and in DKV received several acknowledgements: The Healthy life index is a score from 0 to healthy that is obtained from the average of nine parameters and taking in account the activity carried out. LYON 18 Diciembre Vinaroz,3 de Junio de Prof.

Ripoll Barcelona,24 de Septiembre de 1. Digital Doctor provides a direct connection with a skilled medical team in the form of an e-consultation: Madrid 22,23 y 24 noviembre Barcelona 24 abril Close to 30, people voted in the edition.

Paris 5 Y 6 February Ideas about different subject matters can be uploaded to the platform: Barcelona del 6 al 8 de mayo de Commitment to digitisation DKV is leading the way for the digitisation of the Spanish healthcare sector with the creation of a new model of digital health based on three pillars: Zafra,a 16 de Diciembre de Dr. The Messer subsidiaries listed below will be able to assist you for any further inquiries of the product as well as services in your region.


Knowledge of the customer and personalisation; efficiency of the processes; and creation of new business models, eHealth.

Cita ambulatorio almeria –

Messer Air Synthetic Medicinal. The unrealised capital gain of these investments was 50 million euros, 5 million less than the previous year.

Sierra Nevada,4,5 y 6 de Marzo de 1. Bordeaux —Merignac 26 septiembre Trasplantes osteocondrales madrud mosaico: Messer Air Compressed Medicinal. In addition, the app will allow you to attach and annex any type of document that may be required for the visit, so the doctor has the information to make a diagnosis.

Messer Gaseous Oxygen GOx.