Cushcraft X-7 product reviews by real people like you. I have owned 3 of these X7’s antennas, and they are by far one of the best triband antennas I have. Here I have some photos of how I converted two cushcraft Hf antennas into a Homebrewed version of the Cushcraft X7. Additional material was bought. X7 BIG THUNDER TRIBANDER YAGI The X7 Triband Yagi is geared to set new standards in both radiating performance and mechanical.

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The are also shown mounted on the boom Here is a great overview of the X7 antenna by E73MClick on photo to go to his site. The antenna looked great like the day it went up.

Manual and instructions clear and easy to follow. The Cushcraft design team got this one right. The result is a truly high performance antenna which will easily handle the legal limit. Traps were eliminated from the high current driven elements and reflectors using the new 4L Log Cell design, which yields virtual monoband cushcrafg and maximum power handling capability.

The input impedance of the antenna is ohms so a 4: This should be a first operation from Trinidad. Newsgator Rojo Netvibes Bloglines.


New to Ham Radio? This is not an entry level project!

Cushcraft X-7 Product Reviews

Contact the site with comments or questions. A has solid and tube fiberglass for sale This is how I used the original centre insulators for the driven elements plus the two insulators I cushcarft by wrapping fiberglass cloth in a cylindrical manner to make a solid insultor A Stormy New Year Celebration: The flat aluminum straps that make up cushxraft feed system assembly come out of the box with a thin clear plastic film tape covering on them. Inside My Radio Room.

Boom Diameter, in cm.

Cushcraft X7

Anyone wanting to hear my signal on any HF band. Cushraft does not give answer what their computer simulation shows on 6m, can I use it and what is the gain, directivity Email Subscription You are not subscribed to this review.

Maximum Power Handling kw.

A fast look into the documents shows no difference, but if you check the detail dimensions, you will see it. This is the connecting of the driven elements using flat aluminium and also seen is the matching system used. This took a little more effort than initially expected due to the tight fit cushcratt the feed-straps, which required some of the elements to be loosened. OverView of the X7. This is a bonus! Never had any problems of lack of parts during assembly despite the box having been damaged by UPS.


The X7 Triband Yagi – Cushcraft

My main focus is DX and contesting. You will not wait in many pile ups!

This is a great HF antenna even on 17 and 12m bands. That was until we realised that the previous owner had numbered the elements in the opposite order to the Cushcraft manual!

Cushcraft X7 Yagi – G7SOZ

It is ready for many more vushcraft to come. Is it preformer, would it make sense change coax to a low loss one? I’d suggest this even if you are not near the water. For about 20 years prior to the X-7, I used a Cushcraft A-4 and, yes, though I had to rebuild the traps and replace all of the original hardware with stainless steel, the antenna worked very well.

The end caps on main boom also looked great. None of us noticed this covering during construction. Windload 80 mph, lb kg.